Sunday, December 21, 2014

Alliance’s 6th Trip To New Jersey

Collages  1-The Alliance Baptist Fellowship group returned for their 6th trip with their usual youthful hearts ready to serve in most anyway they could. Josh and Paul enjoyed working with them this week; 2-They had been studying and testing hard over the past weeks and working hard this week so they at times did the college break sleep; 3-Zac and Nick wanted to see what was happening next door.  4-Best dressed Santa contest; 5-Billy has gotten a lot of help from locals in Jersey but never had a Seaside Heights officer offer him a ride before.      Mission Trip Adventures 12.201-001     1,2 & 3–The team sanded, primed the Gross home as well as painted the walls downstairs; 4–Several of us joined in to move about 14 tons of sand away from Barbara’s lot; 5&6-Jerry and Josh helped the guys do three tear out jobs; 7–Some of the guys also insulated the crawl space of the Collins home. 

We knew with the Alliance team coming it would be a good week.  Yes being young they did goof around some BUT they also worked hard, learned about what they were doing, went to visit home owners of previous trips and took time to share GOD’s word with others.

Over the past 2 years volunteers of most all ages have came to New Jersey to help The North Carolina Baptist share the gospel and rebuild the shore area of Ocean County. It has been a very meaningful experience for them as well as us.  We want to thank each one who has come as well as the ones who could not come but prayed or supported the operation.  As we start into what will most likely be our last year rebuilding after Sandy we are concerned about the low number of volunteers signed up for 2015.  As you enjoy your Christmas holiday with family and friends in “YOUR HOME” remember there are still many families in New Jersey and New York who are still not back into their home.  Please come and help us share GOD’s WORD as we help people once again believe there is a GOD and he does send help when needed.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Volunteers Still Needed

12.6     Paul helped Ed and Josh finish hanging the sheet rock at the Gross house on Monday. 1-Tim and Chris have been busy this week mudding the sheet rock with hopes of painting by end of next week.  3 & 4-Josh and Ed worked on finishing the porch rails and vinyl on the front of the house.  6-The mason contractor poured the slab floor for Barbara’s house before Thanksgiving.  5-This week they have been busy finishing the walls.  7-Josh and Ed also went to Ed’s for a day and did siding on two sides of his home.

With the Christmas season upon us we need to remember the reason, The CHRIST CHILD.  Two of the many teachings he brought to this world was to love your neighbor and to go to all nations and make disciples. We are very happy that GOD called us to serve in New Jersey.  With the help of many volunteers, we have seen people touched by the love total strangers have brought to this area.  Please pray with us that we reach many people and complete every task GOD has laid before us over the next year.  This task means we need help so also please pray and consider coming to New Jersey to serve GOD. 

Depending on inspections of Barbara’s foundation we hope to be ready to start framing when we return from CHRISTMAS in North Carolina with our family. It would be a blessing to hear from a framing team who wants to do this project.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sheetrocking and Block Laying

Mission Trip Adventures 11.22     1-Region 3 Feeding Team; 2-Cool Springs Baptist Church, Sanford, NC with two Lutheran friends from Pennsylvania; 3-Leadership team Billy, Ann, Vicki and Tim with a great helper for the last three weeks, Josh our son; 4-Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Fayetteville, NC; 5-Jim Ellis “The Toymaker” presented Pastor Todd with a box of his handmade toys for needy children in the area; 6-Earl patiently waits for the peach cobbler to finish cooking; 7-Josh and the feeding team enjoying the good seats during Wednesday night bible study with Pastor Todd.Mission Trip Adventures 11.221     The volunteer teams this week did many tasks.  The Mt. Pisgah team finished hanging the sheet rock at the Gross house and painted and cleaned at Michelle’s.  The Cool Springs group helped Josh hang OSB under the Gross house.  They also helped him start the siding at Ed’s. It was too cold for vinyl on Tuesday so they went across the road to hang and finish sheet rock at the Lindsey home.  Cool Springs installed appliances and replaced the final window for June.

Randy has been laying block at Barbara’s as mush as possible with the cold.  Hoping to pour the floor next week and then finish block work. Once foundation is inspected we need a framing team.  I am thinking the middle of 2nd week or 3rd week of December.  However I will take help whenever possible. Several jobs to work on now but only a handful of volunteers.

We have really enjoyed having Josh here for the past three weeks. He really worked hard and has been a big help.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Florence Baptist and Starting Barbara’s House

Collages     Our team this week was eight guys from Florence Baptist, Forest City, NC.  They split up into two groups. Josh joined four of the guys to do roofing.  They removed four layers of old shingles and then installed new roofs on two homes – Ed & Teddy – Ed was able to also help the guys with both roofs.  Both roofs had the challenge of not being able to get the trailer along side so most of the old shingles fell on the tarps and then had to be picked up.  The other four guys finished a tear out for Vinnie and then moved to the Gross house to continue with sheet rock hanging.  Tim, Paul and Chris worked on the ceiling rock.

Mission Trip Adventures 11.15-001     After months of waiting we were finally able to start on Barbara’s house this week. The first two pictures are Barbara’s damaged home before and after it was torn down last fall.  Picture three is Barbara helping level sand and digging where footers were going.  Billy, Tim and Paul helped Randy dig Barbara’s footings on Wednesday.  It passed inspection on Friday morning and on Saturday morning we met again and poured the footing.  Randy likes to set his first course of blocks into the footing cement so that was done by mid-day.  Randy starts laying block on Tuesday.

Along with starting Barbara’s new build we have received four additional request for help this week.  Yes it has been two years but there is still a lot of primary homes which have not been rebuilt yet.  Please come and join us as we continue to help rebuild the area and share GOD’s love.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Biltmore Baptist Makes 8th NJ Rebuild Trip

Mission Trip Adventures 11.8     1-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville, NC; 2-Homeowner David Gross and boys; 3-Lion’s Club delivering another check; 4-Region 2 Feeding Team-Carl, Dorothy, Linda & Kay; 5-Josh Andrews (our son).   Mission Trip Adventures 11.81     This week the the volunteers worked on three homes.  Some of the ladies sanded sheet rock at Gary’s and then painted the room.  Several spent two days at Michelle’s installing trim, flooring and painting.  The rest of the group (later joined by the others) worked on The Gross home.  They built front and back entry landings and steps, installed insulation and fire caulk, cleaned up and started hanging sheet rock. Our son Josh has joined us for a few weeks.  He fit right in with the Biltmore group who enjoys doing a little bit of everything.

We wrote up requests for help rebuilding two more homes this week. At present that gives us five homes to rebuild and 1 total new build (we start digging Barbara Hastings foundation on Monday).  With this many work requests we need an average of 12 to 15 skilled rebuild volunteers for the next 20 to 25 weeks.  At present we have four teams between now and the end of the year, then teams for only six weeks in 2015.   This means we are way short on volunteers.  Please pray and consider coming to Seaside Heights to help us rebuild homes for people who’s homes were damaged by Super Storm Sandy.  It does get cold here but nothing matches the warmth of returning home which is what we are helping with along with sharing with the people why we are here, “ TO SHARE GOD’s LOVE.”

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pennsylvania Presbyterians Helping NCBM in New Jersey

Mission Trip Adventures 11.1     A group from Neshaminy-Warwick Presbyterian Church, Warminster, PA joined us this week as we continued to rebuild homes and share the gospel in New Jersey.  They helped with a tear out in Seaside, installed flooring for Brian and Amy, installed doors, trim and painted at Michelle’s,  pulled wire, installed insulation and bath fans, and floor decking at the Gross house.  Some of the ladies also repainted the doors and casing at the church.  The Region 1 feeding team led by Billy & Hollis Williams did an awesome job as usual. During their spare time the guys changed out the shower unit doors.

In the next few days we will start digging the foundation for Barbara Hastings’ (Pastor Todd’s secretary) home. We need volunteers to help build this home over the next several months.  Please contact us with the dates your group can come to help.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

We Have Volunteers in New Jersey Again

Mission Trip Adventures 10.25  1-Region 8 Feeding Team and Rebuild Team; 2-Lakeview Baptist, Albemarle, NC; 3-Momeyer Baptist Church, Nashville, NC (our home team).Mission Trip Adventures 10.25-001  With volunteers back at work we were able to accomplish a lot. Tim and Chris finished the cabinets at Paul's.  The Momeyer group painted the walls, doors and trim and installed most of the cabinets at Michelle's.   The Region 8 team split up and worked several jobs. They did final paint and clean up at Jayne's, did touch up paint and final clean up at June's, did trim work and painting at Paul's and installed 2 sets of cabinets on Dupont Street.  The Lakeview Baptist team did insulation, tear out and clean up.  They insulated Paul and June's crawl space, tore down a foundation and floor system, did a complete tear out and started two more.  I believe they would have finished all three but the dumpsters were full.  They also cleared the sand off Barbara's lot so we could see what we had to start working with.

It sure is great to have volunteer coming to help again.  Without volunteers the work effort is very slow.  For the ones of you who have been asking about when are we starting Barbara's house - She now has permits and we are hoping to get the foundation started next week.  So if you can frame we would like to hear from you about helping out.  Hoping to get foundation done and floor system in by Thanksgiving.  If that happens then we want to start framing when we return to Jersey on December 2nd.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Weeks With No Volunteers

10.18  It’s been mighty quiet around here for the past couple of weeks with no volunteers.  We have continued to work and visit.  1-Ann went to the boardwalk to enjoy the rides before the cold sets in.  2-Ann and I took a trip to Ohio to see Kim and the guys.  After revival Sunday evening we went by Dairy Queen. Tim and Vicki went home for a few days also. 3-Billy installed an exhaust vent at June’s house while Ann, Tim and Vickie finished the painting.  As soon as her appliances arrive she home will be complete. 4&5-Tim and Chris installed the bamboo flooring at Paul’s.  6-Saturday ended up being busy.  We were asked to attend the North Jersey Net (a Southern Baptist association of churches in the northern half of New Jersey) meeting to speak about disaster relief and rebuild on Saturday morning. We enjoyed worship with a great Hispanic praise band from one of the associational churches. Then we returned to Seaside and attended a Lions Club Beafsteak dinner where we were thanked for our work in the area.

PRAISE-Barbara Hastings finally got her building permits this week so please call and make reservations to come and help build her home. 

We are now waiting on three volunteer teams to arrive.  Sure will be nice to again have some help.  Got to remember GOD has control of all and all must be in His timing.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Region 5 Rocks!!!

Mission Trip Adventures 10.4  I’ve lost count of the number of time that Region 5 volunteers have come to NJ with a feeding and rebuild team combined. They were small in numbers but came with a heart to serve GOD. The ladies cooked some great meals and did some fall cleaning.  With so many volunteers coming through it is nice to have a group every now and then to do a good deep cleaning.  The guys started out the week moving belongings at a home that is going to be raised.  The rest of the week they spent at the Gross home adding a layer of floor decking and bridge blocking the studs for sheet rock and trim work later.  Tim and Billy worked on finishing up the new vinyl siding.  Ann, Vickie, Tim and Billy also did trim work, caulking, painting and final plumbing hook ups at June’s home. We celebrated Frances’ birthday on Wednesday.

We don’t have any volunteers for two weeks so think we will just go fishing.  Just kidding, but seriously we could use some help.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good to Have Returning Volunteers

Mission Trip Adventures 9.28  Our volunteers this week:  1-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville, NC (A team from this church comes every other month.); 2-Grace Haven Baptist Fellowship, Wake Forest, NC (Their second trip); 3-Robin from Biltmore helping Ann make fall decorations to brighten our dining tables; 4-Region 6 Feeding Team-Marlene, Tom and Sharon (Sunni)-They came up on short notice and were great to work with; 5-Matthews Baptist Church-Matthews, NC (This group of men have made several trips here.)Mission Trip Adventures 9.28.14 p2  The Grace Haven group took on several different task this week.  They finished up a set of stairs for Bob who can now enter the upper part of his home without the need for an extension ladder.  They went to Rick’s to do final touch ups and clean up.  Then they went to Michelle’s to finish hanging the sheet rock.  Their final job was also hanging sheet rock at Richard’s.Mission Trip Adventures 9.28.14 p  The Matthews group went to June’s and decided to stay there all week.  They replaced 2 windows, laid flooring, installed cabinets, laid tile in bathroom and then installed fixtures, laid carpet, installed doors and trim work.  Mission Trip Adventures 9.28.14 p1  The Biltmore team as normal is large so they split up.  The ladies helped the Mathews group by painting Junes house and trim.  Most of the guys spent the week at David and Moe’s house.  Most of the week was spent on removing what was left of the old torn up siding and replacing it with new siding.  They also installed two new doors, built steps, repaired walls, built knee walls and reframed 3 ceiling areas.  The ladies did join the men a couple of days.  They removed screws and nails left in the walls and ceilings during tear out and then did a great job cleaning up the site.

It was great to have three teams return for yet another called mission trip to New Jersey.  They all worked hard and made a big difference in the homes we are working.  The best part of the week was the time that was spent sharing why we are here with the home owners, neighbors and others.  One thing I heard several times this week and will never grow tired of hearing is “FOR THE GLORY OF GOD “

Our volunteer numbers are very low at this time and GOD is providing us with great weather.  So I ask you to think about what for now is my favorite saying – “What are you doing for GOD?”  Hoping and praying to see each of you and many more soon.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lots of Sheetrock Hanging Going On

Mission Trip Adventures 9.20  Our volunteers:1-Johnnie and Vivian from Norman Park, GA; 2-First Baptist Asheboro (Charles, Tami, Mike, Ernest, Nelson & Dennis); 3-Dennis and Nelson catching a nap after lunch; 4-Happy Birthday Vivian; 5-Happy Birthday Nelson.Collages  We had two small teams this week but that didn’t stop them from getting a lot accomplished.  First Baptist Asheboro finished hanging the sheet rock at Paul’s, then hung insulation in another home.  After that they hung insulation at Michelle’s and almost got all the sheet rock hung. They would have probably finished but as you see Nelson had a birthday and became an old man.  I think that extra age got to him.  Johnny and Vivian helped work out some issues at Jayne’s and then helped finish a a/c platform for Chris.  After that they helped First Baptist hang sheet rock.  Ann went to the dedication for the towns entrance carousel horse.

The summer heat has left the area so we are having great working weather.  Great time to come to New Jersey.  Give us a call.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

In His Time

Mission Trip Adventures 9.6   We didn’t have any volunteers last week so Ann skipped the blog.  However Tim, Vickie, Ann and Billy did work all week.  This week we have gotten all rough ins done and now waiting on insulation inspection so we can hang rock at Paul’s.  A lot of that insulation was installed by a local volunteer couple.  A team of four from Central Assembly of God, Canonsburg, PA came in to work Friday and Saturday.  One of the men did a little heat duct and plumbing work while the others built a set of steps for Bob so he could quit climbing the ladder to get to his attic area.  We had been donated some materials I didn’t see us using in New Jersey so Rudy and Robin came up with trailer to haul it back to Elizabeth City.

Again this coming week we have no volunteers. Tim and Vickie will be watching the site and working on homes while Ann and Billy have gone home for the week.  At present time we have 4 homes to help with major rebuild, 3 minor jobs to finish and 1 home to build from scratch when Barbara gets her permits.  But the sad news is we only have a few volunteers signed up to come and help through next spring.  I know the LORD has the volunteers we need planned but my fear is some of them are not listening.  I know He has a way of working all things out in His time and we must wait.  We look forward to seeing each of you soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Praying for Volunteers

Mission Trip Advendures 8.231   We have spent a lot of time this week on our knees and reaching up.  After several hours of laying tile, filling grout, sanding and painting ceilings I know I was praying that GOD would send us the volunteers we need to do his work in New Jersey. Then HE shows me Paul, Chris and Charlie along with homeowners who we are able to spend more one on one time with.

Sue is a home owner who Charlie has been helping rebuild and now NCBM has been able to help them hang insulation, hang and finish sheet rock and this week started painting. We are still doing some of the final work at Rick’s house.  We got all the tile installed this week.  Nick and Mary’s house is also close to finish.

The Beachplum Quilters of the Jersey Shore presented us a quilt.  It was to thank us for our help rebuilding the Shore.  They also have presented them to many of the home owners that lost so much in the storm.  Ann is also a quilter so this is dear to her heart.

As of today we now have three new sets of building permits and praying for Barbara’s to be ready next week.  At present that puts us in 12 different homes with the opportunity to share the gospel as GOD leads us.  However, we are very short on volunteers.  Please join us in prayer for volunteers to come to Jersey to help rebuild as GOD has planned.

Ann like to walk on the boardwalk after supper and saw this juggling act one night.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Praising God Through the Trials

I have been putting off updating the blog because of the disappointments of the week and I didn’t know how to express them without sounding whiney. There are so many worse things going on in the world these days and I have so much to be thankful for.  Pastor Todd keeps reminding us to praise God even in the storms so I just want to praise Him for the life we have and for the opportunity to serve Him daily. With that being said I will just give the facts from this week with no whining.Blog   We had no volunteer teams this week, and yes we had plenty of work to do.  Billy and Tim were finishing up Rick’s bathroom tile and Vicki and Ann were cleaning and doing painting touch up.  We thought we would have the house complete by the end of the week but that was not to be.  We had a huge rain storm Tuesday night that caused flood damage in Seaside Heights.  It rained so hard that even our camper leaked.  We were up at 1 AM mopping floors and putting out pans to catch the water.  When we went inside the church before breakfast we found that the bathrooms were flooded from water coming up out of the sewer lines.  We spent all morning cleaning that up.  After lunch Billy and Tim went to check on Rick and Nick’s houses.  Nick’s was ok but Rick’s brand new laminate flooring was ruined. It has now all been removed and we are replacing it with tile.  Progress was made at Nick’s on Saturday by installing his kitchen cabinets.

We have lots of openings for volunteers this fall so let us know when you would like to come.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Small Group Full of Energy

8.9   Our team this week was from Rankin Lake Baptist Church, Dallas, NC. The team, good friends of Tim and Vicki, was led by Pastor Jim.  His wife Delaine and DIL Emily prepared our meals.  His daughter Ashley and son Jason plus a friend Nathan helped on the rebuild. On Monday morning we unloaded another load of supplies sent by Citimpac and World Vision to help NCBM with rebuilding homes in New Jersey.  Then Tim went with the team to help Charlie hang sheetrock in Sue’s home. Later in the week They joined Billy and Paul as they continued putting the final touches on Rick and his mom’s home.  Ashley and her dad Jim started hanging doors at Nick and Mary’s.  With it being such a small group Vickie also joined in on the painting fun. 

With the days still being long it is a joy to watch the beautiful sunsets GOD provides over the bay each day.  And with the warm weather evening walks on the board walk have been popular.

We are now without any volunteers except Paul for 3 weeks. NCBM currently has 8 homes which we are working on and have 4 others that have asked for our help but I will not commit to them due to the lack of volunteers at this time.  If you have some time and would like to serve God by helping us please give us a call.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nick and Rick Get New Flooring

Mission Trip Adventures 8.2   This week we had two teams from eastern North Carolina.   The largest team (top left) was First Baptist, Dunn.  The other team (top right) was from different churches in the Eastern Baptist Associations. Tim got three of the young ladies to help him give the tool trailer a much needed cleaning and reorganization. Tim and Billy started installing cabinets in Rick’s home. The feeding team was from Region 4 and they were assisted by two of the ladies from EBA.Mission Trip Adventures 8.21   The Eastern Baptist group almost finished up John & Claire’s home in Long Branch. They also helped pack up a house so it could be torn down.  The Dunn group split up three ways. One group did painting and then laid flooring at Nick and Mary’s.  Another group laid flooring, installed doors and molding at Rick and Jerri’s (Rick’s mom). The third group did a lot of clean up – church area, five yards and under the boardwalk (which they just loved-NOT).

As of now this is the last of the big groups on the calendar to come to New Jersey to help share the gospel and rebuild homes.  We do have a few small teams signed up but the amount of work needing to be done is way bigger than the amount of volunteers that have signed up to serve in New Jersey in the coming months.  Plans are for us to be here until summer 2015 so PLEASE pray and make plans for several trips to help.  This is your chance to help rebuild homes and lives.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Big Team With Lots of Good Workers

Mission Trip Adventures 7.26  This week we had a large group (top) from Our Redeemer’s UMC, Schaumburg, IL.  They came last year and enjoyed working with us so much that they chose to return. With the feeding team from Region 9 (bottom) was Susie, Gina, Myra, Joseph, Dennis and Sam.  Morris (left) came with the Biltmore team last week and decided to stay for another week. Paul (right) continues to help most days.  The UMC group brought musical talent (center) with them so everyone enjoyed the singalongs. Mission Trip Adventures 7.261  Due to the size of the UMC team they split up into 5 groups. Two of the groups worked on Nick's and Rick's houses, finishing up sheet rock, mudding and painting. They have Rick (and his mom Jerrie) home painted and ready for flooring to be put down. They also have Nick and Mary's home primed and ready for painting.  Another group finished the tear out of Aline's home and then put sand in the crawl space. They then installed the sub floor.  Two of the guys helped Paul B. pull wire at his home as he is getting ready for volunteers to help him rebuild.  Another group went up to Long Branch.  For starters they had to remove the ceilings and insulation.  Then they replaced it with new and started the mud work. The final group spent the week at Pete's doing flooring, cabinets, painting and helped Pet replace some of his old water lines.  The days were warm so the sound of the ice cream truck could not be resisted by some. 

NCBM is starting five new jobs (4 complete rebuild and 1 new build).  We have only a few volunteers signed up for the next 6 months so PLEASE if you are hearing that voice from GOD saying “Go to New Jersey” give us a call or drop us a note.  If you are a block mason we would like to hear from you soon.  Framers get ready, you are next.  And yes this is Pastor Todd’s secretary Barbara's home getting ready to start.  We should have permits in hand by end of July.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nick’s House is Getting Sheetrock

Mission Trip Adventures 7.19.14  1-Region 3 Feeding Team; 2-Steven and Cathy Wells-Seaford Baptist Church, Seaford, VA; 3-Biltmore Baptist-Asheville, NC; 4-Community Bible Church-High Point, NC.  Each team has been before and they brought a few newbies.Mission Trip Adventures 7.19  The Biltmore group spent most of their week hanging sheet rock and siding at Nick & Ann’s.  They also completed the kitchen and bath work at Jayne’s.  On Friday some of the guys built temporary steps for a home that had been raised while others laid floor tile. Community Bible-001  The Community Bible group spent lots of time painting, staining and installing molding, building an A/C stand and helping with tear out. Some of them helped the Biltmore team with the sheetrock. Steve brought his wife this trip and they finished a tear out and then installed insulation in a rebuild.  To finish out the week they with the help of the Biltmore ladies painted the outside of a home.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

VBS, Ocean Baptisms & Drawing Closer to God

Mission Trip Adventures 7.12.14  1-Wise Baptist Church-Wise, VA; 2-Zion Hill Baptist Church-Rennert, NC; 3-Region 7 Feeding Team; 4-Ann did some early morning running this week with Rebecca and they were blessed with a beautiful sunrise; 5-Our good friend Paul being baptized; 6-We enjoyed The Wave Saturday night with praise and worship; 7-The candidates for baptism professing Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Mission Trip Adventures 2  Wise Baptist was a large group so they split up into several groups. The ladies did Vacation Bible School at Union Church of Lavalette in the mornings and then worked in yards and houses in the afternoons.  Along with the guys they did home tear outs, insulated homes, replaced shingles on a home, cleaned yards and did their part on fire watch (which some really enjoy). On Sunday they presented Barbara (Pastor Todd’s secretary) with funding to help purchase the blocks for the foundation of her new home and a very special block. Hopefully we will be starting on her house very soon and we will be needing lots of help.7.12  The Zion Hill group also did several jobs. They hung and started finishing sheet rock, built a/c platforms, laid flooring, painted and built window frames and got framed (LOL).  The boys decided they wanted to help the Wise group on two days and did a little home tear out.  Hope they forget how to do the tear out when they get home.

It was a good week in New Jersey.  We saw volunteers hearts turn closer to GOD as well as residents here drawing closer.  Rebuilding homes is great but the closer walk with GOD is what it is all about.  Sure would like to see others receive this blessing of GOD at work in their lives.  We are in process of starting five new jobs and could use lots more help over the coming months.  Winter is on it’s way and we would like to see these people back into their homes before summer arrives next year.   FYI – It’s been 21 months since many people of New Jersey have been able to go home and sleep there. 

If you want to plan a future trip we have lots of openings beginning in August. If you want to do a trip now we are full for July But NCBM and the people of the Outer Banks of NC could use your help with tear outs following Authur. There are 20 homes to be torn out.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vacation Week for Us

7.5  We took a week off for vacation while Tim and Vickie kept things going. The rebuild/feeding/chaplaincy team came from Region 5.  The team had requested to do some ministry outreach as well as rebuilding.  They took on the challenge of contacting many of the home owners whom NCBM volunteers had helped over the past 20 months.  The report is the home owners are very happy for all the work done and materials supplied.  Some of the team did mold treatment, insulation and started hanging sheet rock.  Three team members did the cooking.  The Toms River Lions Club had asked to help buy some materials for home owners. Mel, the president with the Toms River Chapter came by to see the work and presented Tim with checks to help on two jobs.

We started off our vacation time at home.  Billy did a few jobs around the house and Ann worked one day at the Yellow Dog Bread Co. We were able to spend a few days with our son Josh. On Thursday we went to Lake Gaston.  Billy did more chores there.  Sorry, but he doesn’t know how to rest. Some of the family came up to join us on Saturday, including our grandchildren.  Matt forced Grandpa to ride him on the wave runner.  Great bonding time. Back to NJ on Sunday to start a very busy week.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Connecticut-North Carolina-Ohio-Pennsylvania

Mission Trip Adventures 6.28.14  This week we had a full house and no feeding team.  We had our grandson Matt with us so Ann really had not been planning on spending all her time in the kitchen.  Thanks to Tim and Vicki, some Union Church of Lavallette members and some rebuild volunteers she had the help she needed.  Everyone enjoyed the sing along each night with Pastor TR with the PA team, especially the action song “I Just Want to Be a Sheep”.  It has finally gotten warm enough for the volunteers to enjoy the beach after a long day of work.  We have picked the first fruits from our parking lot garden.PA Blog1  Some of our McElhattan UMC volunteers stayed for a second week and were joined by more members.  They split up into three work groups. A big thank you to Mary who came to serve. She is 87 and still serves GOD most every day.  Mary’s group worked to complete two small bungalows for a daughter and her mother.  They finished sheet rock, painted, hung tile board and cleaned up. The second group built a new front porch and steps for Rick to replace the ones washed away by Sandy.  They also took out an old bay window and replaced it with one donated by Home Depot. Group three helped at Pete’s to remove old flooring and replace with new plywood and tile.  They also redid his shower door which was installed wrong. Drexel Baptist Church  First Baptist Church, Drexel, NC came in on Saturday with a youth team.  They took a trip to NYC on Sunday.  This week they were able to meet Rob, the homeowner and help him tear out the floors in his home and treat it for mold.  This is a job that takes lots of energy.  During the week they became best friends forever.  On Friday they also help unload sheet rock for three homes.Friendship Baptist Church  Friendship Baptist from Connecticut also brought a youth team.  They started off their week by cleaning up two yards at homes which we are waiting on additional funding from other groups so we can start work on rebuilding them. Then they went to work on tearing out their houses.  They all followed some great leadership doing good work and wearing safety mask and goggles.  One of the youth became an adult on her mission tri and we celebrated her birthday. Our Grandson Matt, from Ohio, worked with this group during the day and played with them in the evenings.  I think he had a great first mission trip experience and made friends he will never forget.

We left on Saturday morning for a week’s vacation back home.  Please keep Tim and Vicki in your prayers as they are in charge of the NJ operation while we are away.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Three States Serving God in New Jersey

Mission Trip Adventures 6.21  Our volunteers this week-clockwise from top left: Staunton Baptist Church, Staunton, VA; McElhattan United Methodist Church, McElhattan, PA; Region 8 Feeding Team, Rhonda, Joyce and Larry.  Ann spent the last half of the week in Ohio babysitting the grandkids so Kim and Brandon could attend a foster care conference.  She brought our grandson Matt back to Jersey with her on Sunday.  We were treated to a sunset cruise shortly after they arrived.Mission Trip Adventures 6.211  Teams have been busy this week doing both recovery and rebuild.  They built platforms for a/c condenser units, tore out flooring, cleaned out crawl spaces, cleaned up a stove, painted trim work, installed a range hood, installed vinyl siding and cleaned up yards. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Four Guys Feeding Team

Mission Trip Adventures 6.14  This week we had a fun loving feeding team from Region 6.  They were a pleasure to work with and they fed us good too. We also had two rebuild teams.  On the left is Central Baptist, Dunn and on the right Colonial Baptist, Cary.  Both of the rebuild teams were returning teams and we hope they return again.Collages  The teams worked on several different projects.  They installed windows at Nick’s and Rick’s homes.  They finished installing the flooring, trim work and painting at John’s.  They hung sheet rock and mudded it at Kenny’s.  Jerry even install attic flooring so HVAC could be installed. 

Things continue to get more interesting in New Jersey every week.  At this time we are still getting numerous requests for help.  However we are having to wait a while for the case managers to get funds approved for the some of the projects.  Please join us in prayer as we share GOD’s word (whether by words or works) and determine which homes we are to work on.  Most people believe since it has been 18 months since Sandy left her mark things are back to normal.  But if you are following our blog you can see the need for more volunteers.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Week With Westwood Baptist

Mission Trip Adventures 6.7  Our only team this week was Westwood Baptist from Cary but they worked really hard and accomplished a lot.  We did not have a feeding team so Ann did most of the cooking and Vicki did the cleaning, including washing the dishes that Ann messed up.  Tim cooked his famous sourdough pancakes one morning.  The monetary donations continue to be awarded.  The Tom’s River Lions Club invited us to dinner and made a large donation to NC Missions on Wednesday to be used to buy additional materials for homes we choose to work on.  All I know to say is THANK YOU LORD and send more volunteers to use this money while we share His gospel. Pam brought us a special fire hat to wear during fire watch.  If you don’t know how to grow a garden in a parking lot I challenge you to come to Seaside Heights so Tim can show you how.  And yes we enjoyed and celebrated National Donut Day all week. Jersey Shore-June 2014  The work continues at John Tool’s home.  The team laid flooring, painted and installed the sink drain.  John seams to be spending more time with each team.Recently Updated  Part of the team worked on Rick’s (top 6 photos) and Nick’s (bottom 6 photos) homes. Rick’s front window was rotten and got damaged badly during the storm so Billy and Tim took out the rotten wood and replaced the window. Nick, Rick and Vicki helped out. Anthony helped Rick with his plumbing.  On Nick’s home the lower 4 feet of siding was torn off by Sandy which left the paper board exposed and moldy.  So the team is removing the old material and replacing it with new in preparation for the new siding coming soon.

Rick, Nick and Anthony’s homes are all with-in a block of each other and before Sandy left so much damage which also brought the NC Baptists they did not know each other.  But now not only do they know each other they are also helping each others along side of the Baptists.  What a witness tool.  FYI – this block is also next to Grace Evangelical where teams are staying so several volunteers will walk back and forth. Vicki did this Saturday and she stated that people at 3 different homes said “Thank you for the help you have brought to our area”.Mission Trip Adventures 6.71  Volunteers moved around a lot this week as it seamed help was needed in a special way on different days at different sites.  They painted at Anthony’s, did yard work, hung sheet rock and posed as DOT workers.

Speaking of DOT the roads are getting better around the area. Still lots of construction going on but the best part is we now have two lanes each way to enter or exit the shore area.  So PLEASE call and make your (or your team) reservations to come to Seaside Heights this year to enjoy the fun of sharing the Gospel while rebuilding homes and lives. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week Two for Georgia Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Mission Trip Adventures 5.31  Our teams this week: 1-Providence Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC; 2-Georgia Baptist Collegiate Ministry; Our revolving feeding team from NJ/NY Baptist Convention and Living Gospel Baptist Church, Rutherford, NJ: 1-Pastor Dennis and Elaine O’Neill; 4-Diane, George and Elaine; 5-Elaine and Louise.  Thanks for coming.Mission Trip Adventures 5.312  The Georgia BCM group stayed on for another week. Still split into two groups group one started a new job replacing sheetrock, spackling, sanding and painting. Group two did another roofing job. Mid week the teams joined to help repair some paneling and paint it all white. When a young college group signs up to come do rebuild I must say I don’t know what to expect because some times they bring only a few skills. But I must say this group came ready to learn and a desire to work. They also had some awesome leadership. We miss them already.Mission Trip Adventures 5.311  We were also blessed with a return trip from Providence Baptist in Raleigh. Most of them worked in Point Pleasant Beach at John’s house. They installed insulation, hung sheet rock, mudded and sanded it, painted, installed kitchen cabinets and even worked on the toilet. Three of the guys also worked at Anthony’s to frame and hang sheet rock for a fire wall along with installing backer board.Mission Trip Adventures 5.313  Four of the students helped with the music at Union Church on Sunday morning as well as played and sang for us other nights. On Tuesday night we went to a supper for several volunteer groups working in Ocean County.  Cathy McCann, president of NJ VOAD presented Billy a Certificate of Appreciation plague for the work being done in New Jersey by The North Carolina Baptist Men.  Being the days are now longer and warmer after a days works many volunteers are enjoying some boardwalk and beach time.  On Monday the Georgia group took the day off and went to New York.  The two young ladies on the couch had spent most of their days in New Jersey on two different roof tops removing and replacing shingles so when they sat down it wound up being a well deserved nap.

The requests for help rebuilding homes continue to come in.  We still need many more volunteer groups to sign up and make the trip to New Jersey to help share the gospel by giving the people hope and encouragement as we rebuild homes damaged by SANDY.