Saturday, June 14, 2014

Four Guys Feeding Team

Mission Trip Adventures 6.14  This week we had a fun loving feeding team from Region 6.  They were a pleasure to work with and they fed us good too. We also had two rebuild teams.  On the left is Central Baptist, Dunn and on the right Colonial Baptist, Cary.  Both of the rebuild teams were returning teams and we hope they return again.Collages  The teams worked on several different projects.  They installed windows at Nick’s and Rick’s homes.  They finished installing the flooring, trim work and painting at John’s.  They hung sheet rock and mudded it at Kenny’s.  Jerry even install attic flooring so HVAC could be installed. 

Things continue to get more interesting in New Jersey every week.  At this time we are still getting numerous requests for help.  However we are having to wait a while for the case managers to get funds approved for the some of the projects.  Please join us in prayer as we share GOD’s word (whether by words or works) and determine which homes we are to work on.  Most people believe since it has been 18 months since Sandy left her mark things are back to normal.  But if you are following our blog you can see the need for more volunteers.

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