Thursday, August 28, 2008

Faith Christian Ministries

Today was our first day volunteering at the thrift shop.  Mema & I worked really hard from 9 am until 2 pm but it was actually fun.  We mainly sorted clothing, lots of clothing.  Of course I found something there I wanted to buy, a pair of duck boots and two movies.  They would not take any money, saying volunteers did not have to pay for items.  I told them that with me that could be dangerous and they better set a limit. I carried my camera around in my pocket all day and forgot to take any pictures.

Billy, Ronnie, Brandon & Al went to Camp Caraway yesterday to wire the new camp directors house being build there.  They had a very productive day.  They forgot to take a camera with them.

The Baptist Men are preparing for call outs with hurricane Gustav looming.  Let's pray that he calms down before reaching the Gulf Coast and pray for the safety of those along his path.

Thankful Thursday-Answered Prayers

Since we don't have any plans to travel any distance for a mission trip in the near future and I'm not really into the repair and upkeep of the laundry/shower units that Billy's been working on I have been praying for a mission opportunity nearby home.  

If you remember my post about a thrift shop ministry back in July you will know that I enjoy visiting thrift shops. I have been thinking & praying about Faith Christian Ministries in Nashville.  I also wanted to do something that my mother could do with me. I decided to go there yesterday to talk to them.

When I went in and asked the director if there were any volunteer opportunities there she just looked so delighted and said she had been praying for more volunteers.  I told her I went to Momeyer Baptist Church and she said that she had been wanting to contact us about a special project that she would need extra volunteers for on Sept. 6 but she didn't know who to call.  I really believe this was my answer from God that this is something He would like for me to be involved in.

So God answered Lynn, the directors, prayer and mine all at the same time.  Isn't He amazing?

My mother and I will be there this morning at 9:00.  I am so excited.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Misery Turned to Hope


This morning during my devotional time I FINISHED reading through the New Living Translation Bible.  I did not read it straight through but kind of skipped around depending on what bible studies and Sunday School lessons I was on. 

The last book I read was Micah which I did not find too exciting until the last chapter which I thought was awesome.  It speaks to me of God's unfailing love, compassion and forgiveness.  Here are the last three verses.

Micah 7

18 Where is another God like you,
      who pardons the guilt of the remnant,
      overlooking the sins of his special people?
   You will not stay angry with your people forever,
      because you delight in showing unfailing love.
19 Once again you will have compassion on us.
      You will trample our sins under your feet
      and throw them into the depths of the ocean!
20 You will show us your faithfulness and unfailing love
      as you promised to our ancestors Abraham and Jacob long ago.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful Thursday

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 IMG_0807 I am thankful for my loving husband.  I am thankful that he loves God and his greatest desire is to serve Him.  Today he is washing the NC Baptist Men's Command Center which he is responsible for.  He has been working hard on NCBM laundry units since we got home.  I am also thankful that he loves me and puts up with me.  He is the greatest husband.

If you want to know more about the NC Baptist Men and their mission opportunities go to their home page.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Casting Crowns

I saw Casting Crowns in concert while we were in Montana.  They were great.  I recently saw this video on YouTube and wanted to share it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Learning Scripture

teach-kids-scriptureI found this great free resource this morning on Beverly's blog.  I wish I had had it when my children were young.  It may even be useful for adults to learn scripture.  One day I hopefully will have some grandchildren and will definitely use it then.  No pressure intended Josh, Matt & Kim.

Get your free copy here:


Saturday, August 9, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We left Coeburn this morning about 7:45 am and arrived home at 2:30 pm.  I really wanted a picture of the welcome to NC sign but when I tried to turn on my camera the battery was dead.  We had a great trip but are really glad to be back home in Momeyer.  Cookie was glad to see us too.

When we started our trip on June 6 I made a challenge to myself to post on this blog every day we were gone.  Congratulations to me. I did it.  I had some late nights getting this accomplished.  Since we are home it might be awhile before I post again but I will be sure to post any mission activities we are involved in. 

Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Last Day

IMG_0772 This is the finished product of the shower room I tiled.IMG_0773 Brenda helped me finish today.IMG_0774 This is the oldest house in Coeburn.  The owner Glenda gave Brenda, Iva & me a tour Wednesday night.  Her and her husband have recently moved in after a year and 8 months remodeling.  IMG_0782Today was our last day here.  Tonight we went to to Big Stone Gap to see an outdoor drama.IMG_0783 Waiting to see The Trail of the Lonesome Pine at the June Tolliver Playhouse.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Stony Falls

IMG_0739 Valerie, Cayla & Erica have been busy decorating laundry bags for the NC Baptist Men laundry units.  They put a picture and a bible verse on each one.IMG_0740Eddie has the front porch of Dorenda's house looking much better.IMG_0742 Al is helping Dorenda get rid of a lot of stuff she no longer needs.IMG_0741 Iva & Billy are hanging sheetrock.IMG_0745 Pastor Paul is working so hard in the cemetery...IMG_0746 and is making alot of progress.IMG_0748 Dawn is working in the clothes closet but I'm not sure about the girls.IMG_0750 My job today was to sticky tile the shower room floor.  I had to clean it, scrap it, & paint it with sealer before sticking on the tiles.IMG_0758 After supper Brenda, Iva & I went to see Little Stony Falls.  It was beautiful.IMG_0764 Then we stopped at another trail which lead us to some beautiful sites...IMG_0766and some kind of scary ones.IMG_0769 It was a long way down.IMG_0770 Tonight's sunset over Coeburn, VA.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Block Party in the Park

IMG_0714 There was a big pile of demolition trash in this corner.IMG_0713 We filled up the back of this dump truck yesterday.IMG_0715 Today Billy met Elvis...IMG_0718 while working in this house.  IMG_0720The lady in the middle is Dorenda.  She owns the house.IMG_0722 Getting the crafts ready for the block party.IMG_0726 The block party was in the park just down the street from the church.  Eddie was in charge of the bouncy thing.IMG_0727 Billy cooked the hotdogs.IMG_0729 Pastor Paul gave prizes out of his Joseph's Coat.IMG_0730 Lynn painted faces.IMG_0731Al did the Cake Walks...IMG_0734and called the bingo games.IMG_0735Dawn and Brenda helped with the craft table.IMG_0738 This one is serious about her craft project.

I registered 109 participants and we served 96 hotdogs.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free Food Day

IMG_0711 Today was the food & clothes giveaway.  Lynn, Dawn, Erica, Brenda & I helped Shelby sort all of the food by type and then packed boxes to give away.IMG_0442 Brenda & I opened up pound bags of coffee and made 1/2 pounds bags in Ziploc bags.

IMG_0444Later Katrina, the director of the Hope Center, sent Brenda, Iva & Me out to deliver some boxes.  We went to a neighborhood and went door to door looking for people that needed and would accept the food.  We met some interesting people.IMG_0438 Ronnie, Al, Pastor Paul, Stephen, Cory, Valarie & Cayla went to the cemetery and did some grass cutting.IMG_0437 Pastor Paul doing ???IMG_0439 Stephen doing his part.IMG_0446 Eddie finished his wall today.IMG_0712 Billy made a great improvement in the shower room, with a sink, mirror and shelf.DSCI0228 This is a real caboose in the park.  It had a bunch of trash in it.DSCI0223 This group of ladies plus Pastor Paul cleaned it out.DSCI0232 Lynn said it was a very nasty job.IMG_0690 We were finally able to meet with the lady that owns this house.  She had had a contractor to start work on it and he left town with her money.  She needed a lot of yard work and some repairs.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Work Week Begins

 IMG_0697 I needed to wash clothes this morning so I took everyone's dirty Mission Team T-shirts to the Laundromat and brought them back clean ones.  I also helped with the cooking and kitchen clean up and helped in the basement sorting out stuff.IMG_0698 Eddie worked on this wall all day.  He scraped, patched and water sealed it.IMG_0699 Eloise making chicken salad for lunch. IMG_0899 Valerie, Dawn, Lynn & Cayla cleaned out the playroom in the basement this morning and sorted clothes all afternoonIMG_0909 Big improvement.IMG_0701 Cory helps this dad Al.IMG_0702 Billy worked on the plumbing in the shower room.