Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Stony Falls

IMG_0739 Valerie, Cayla & Erica have been busy decorating laundry bags for the NC Baptist Men laundry units.  They put a picture and a bible verse on each one.IMG_0740Eddie has the front porch of Dorenda's house looking much better.IMG_0742 Al is helping Dorenda get rid of a lot of stuff she no longer needs.IMG_0741 Iva & Billy are hanging sheetrock.IMG_0745 Pastor Paul is working so hard in the cemetery...IMG_0746 and is making alot of progress.IMG_0748 Dawn is working in the clothes closet but I'm not sure about the girls.IMG_0750 My job today was to sticky tile the shower room floor.  I had to clean it, scrap it, & paint it with sealer before sticking on the tiles.IMG_0758 After supper Brenda, Iva & I went to see Little Stony Falls.  It was beautiful.IMG_0764 Then we stopped at another trail which lead us to some beautiful sites...IMG_0766and some kind of scary ones.IMG_0769 It was a long way down.IMG_0770 Tonight's sunset over Coeburn, VA.

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Beverly said...

WOW. I think it is great that you & your husband were apart of this project. God will truly bless you.