Saturday, August 2, 2008

Momeyer Mission Team Arrives in Coeburn, VA

The Momeyer Mission Team is not due in until this afternoon so this morning we got up early and went to a few yard sales in Norton and Wise.IMG_0673 On the way back we took the winding mountain road.IMG_0670 We were way above the towns.IMG_0675 After lunch we went exploring and found the Guest River Gorge.  There was a walking/biking trail there but it was 5.8 miles long so we decided to save that for another day.IMG_0674 We did walk far down enough to see the river.IMG_0681This is First Baptist Church of Coeburn, VA where the mission team is staying.IMG_0676 We were sitting in the truck in the parking lot when the Momeyer bus came rolling in.IMG_0678 Some of the Momeyer Mission Team.IMG_0679 Pastor Paul conferring with Pastor RJ.

Later on the men went to see some of the jobs we may be working on and the women organized the kitchen and got the sleeping arrangement made.

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