Sunday, August 3, 2008

Early Morning Excitement

IMG_0802 Very early this morning Pastor Paul heard some strange voices in the church.  Suddenly the door to his room opened and the police were standing there shinning a light on him with their guns raised.  They had seen one of the church doors opened and were investigating. Luckily no one was hurt.IMG_0819 The Youth Sunday School class was taught by Pastor RJ.IMG_0818 Some of the ladies went to the ladies class.IMG_0686Billy & I and Ronnie & Brenda went to the mixed class which we enjoyed very much.IMG_0826 Our group ready for worship.IMG_0688 This afternoon we checked out the clothes closet in the basement.IMG_0840 Some of the ladies will be working here this week.IMG_0689 Ronnie, Brenda, Billy & I went with Kenneth to check out a few jobs.IMG_0849Others went to some neighborhoods to pass out flyers about the block party we are holding at the park on Wednesday.IMG_0855Soon some of the youth decided it would be fun to roll down this hill.

Image3 Then some of the adults tried it too. Names withheld to protect the guilty.IMG_0860 We were invited to a cookout at the Pastor's house.IMG_0862 The youth enjoyed playing in the back yard.IMG_0889Hotdogs & hamburgers were enjoyed by all.

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