Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to Virginia & Bluegrass Music

This morning Billy took me all around Lexington to the thrift stores.  I got a few bargains. I bought some clothing items for the first time and they were half price.  IMG_0660 After lunch it was on to Virginia and Coeburn.  We will be meeting the rest of the Momeyer Baptist Church mission team tomorrow.  We will be staying here for one week.IMG_0663 The church that is hosting us sits on a steep hill and has a very small parking lot so this Methodist let us park the camper here and provided water and electric.IMG_0668 After we had supper we decided to drive back into town.  We had seen a sign advertising music tonight at the hardware store so we decided to check it out.IMG_0664 It was a old hardware store converted into a family oriented bluegrass clogging dance hall.  There was a live band.IMG_0665 Most of the dances people just danced by themselves.  I mean without partners.IMG_0667 I really wanted to get up and dance but I had on flip flops and of course I don't know how to clog.

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