Thursday, July 31, 2008

Creation Museum

IMG_0612 This morning we left IL and headed for Indiana.  I missed the welcome to Indiana sign so I got this one at the Welcome Center.IMG_0619 Indiana is not all that wide so by lunch we were in Ohio even though we lost an hour.IMG_0620 Well we were only in Ohio for about thirteen miles and we were back in Indiana.  How strange is that?IMG_0622 In another 3 miles we had crossed the Ohio River...IMG_0624 and were in the state of Kentucky.   IMG_0627We stopped just inside the border in Petersburg, KY at the Creation Museum. IMG_0628 It was fantastic.  It was all about the beginning chapters of the book of Genesis and that it is true and why it is true and disproves evolution and the Gap Theory.  It covers the creation and the flood and has a movie about Jesus.  I highly recommend this museum to anyone who gets up this way.  Here is their web site. We also heard a very interesting lecture by Terry Mortenson - "Is Genesis Relevant in Today's World?"  Of course the answer is yes.  IMG_0634 Billy in the Garden of Eden.IMG_0636 Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.IMG_0642 Billy with a dinosaur.  And yes they did exist at the same time as man.IMG_0649 Outside they had a great swinging bridge...IMG_0656 that I really enjoyed.IMG_0650 There was a petting zoo.  Here I am with the friendly camel.IMG_0652 Billy in the beautiful botanical garden.IMG_0653 Tonight we are staying in Georgetown, KY at where else but WallyWorld.