Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Three State Day

bloga1 We left Hays, KS Wednesday morning and saw more of the same scenery for awhile and then started seeing more crops- wheat and corn.  We saw lots of grain bins.

Blog 1 We crossed the border into Colorado and ...

blog 2 this is what Colorado looks like...

blog3 until we got close to Denver and saw the Rocky Mountains with snow on the high peeks.

blog9 Colorado turned out to be a good thrifting state.  I made four purchases for a total of $7.00 in the towns of Loveland and Fort Collins.

blog4 We were in a construction area when we crossed the Wyoming border and I missed the welcome sign but then we saw this buffalo.

blog5 We stopped at the welcome center and the bunnies there were so lazy they would not even run away.

blog6 We have stopped for the night in Laramie, WY and this is our west view...

blog7 and this is our east view.  The temperature was about 75 when we arrived at 8 pm and is supposed to get down in the 50's overnight.

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