Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Amana Colonies

This was the first time staying at WallyWorld that there have not been any other campers there.IMG_0597 This morning when we woke up I looked out the back window of the camper and saw that we were right beside a river and a nice paved walking/biking trail.  I went out and walked a little way and ended up talking to five people.  I found out that it was the Racoon River and the trail was an old RR track and about 60 miles long.IMG_0599 Our plan for today was to visit the Amana Colonies.  These people came to America from Germany to find religious freedom.

Our first stop was in South Amana at Fern Hill-Gifts & Quilts.  I expected them to have quilts for sale but when I went upstairs...IMG_0600 I found a quilt shop.  This is just the entrance.  It was a large shop with a resident designer with her own line of fabrics.IMG_0601 Then we went to Amana and had lunch at Ronneburg Restaurant, with German food.  This picture is a private home I thought had a pretty entrance.IMG_0602We walked around town and went in the shops but did not buy anything.IMG_0603 We drove for awhile and crossed the Mississippi River...IMG_0604 and then we were in Illinois.IMG_0608 Look what we found in Le Roy, IL. Best price we've found on diesel.

We are spending the night in Champion, IL at WallyWorld.

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