Sunday, July 27, 2008

Billy's Turn (edited to add pictures)

Ann, Sharon & Beverly went shopping today along with weekly trip to grocery. I went to the church with new group from Kernersville. I did a little touch up sanding and the finished primer painting of the sanctuary. After lunch I worked on final sanding of foyer and started painting. DSCN1503After supper 7 of us started up to the lake until 1/2 way up David caught a rock that blew out his tire and then hit a cable failing the shift system. DSCN1506 So we changed the tire & turned around and came on back down to town.  DSCN1515 I had to pull David's truck to a level spot for him to check out underneath before it would crank. (Pictures provided by Leslie)

Summing up my thoughts for this trip I am most thankful GOD planed such an adventure for me before I was born. He has this town called Twin Bridges with some of the most friendly down home folks you could ask for. The town is located amongst the rivers in the valley so you have a view of mountains all around you and when we went up on them you could see until your sight gave out. I caught myself on top of a mountain the other day thinking if somebody couldn't convince a person by talking to them that GOD exists then they should bring them up here for a view and ask how could anybody other than GOD create such scenery. Also for the outdoors person the deer & antelope are uncountable. And the fishing is suppose to be supreme.

Then the fellowship and witnessing that I have been able to be a part of these past 15 days has touched me deeply. As with any mission trip the work is fun BUT the witnessing is the BLESSING. Being here working on building the church with David & Sharon along with the other volunteers has also been a blessing. If it wasn't for family back home I know I would like to stay here thru the end of the project.   

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