Saturday, July 12, 2008

From Yellowstone Into Montana

The weather has been great here.  When I woke up this morning Billy had the heater on.  It was about 50 outside.  We packed up camp and headed out for Yellowstone.


A nice older couple riding a motorcycle from CN offered to take our picture.

IMG_0183  I had to stop at all the waterfalls we went past.  This is Lewis Falls.

IMG_0189 Cascade Falls

IMG_0198 We made it to Old Faithful about 10 minutes before she blew.

IMG_0206 Then we took a walk and saw lots of these steaming pools.  This one is called Heart Spring.

IMG_0232 Didn't get the name of this one.

We were going downhill headed out of Yellowstone when the traffic suddenly stopped. As it inched along we were wondering if it was roadwork or an accident.

IMG_0235Well it wasn't either one.  It was this herd of bison hogging the road.  They even had a ranger car escort following behind them.

IMG_0237 How cool is that?  Aren't the babies cute? I got in the back seat so I could photograph them better and that big one with the coat looked right at me. Scary.

IMG_0240 Welcome to Montana.

IMG_0245 This is Earthquake Lake.  Learn about it here-The Montana Traveler and here-Historic Earthquakes

IMG_0252 These pictures don't really show how beautiful this state is. We drove to Twin Bridges on route 287 and there were mountains on both sides of us the whole way. It's a lot greener than the pictures show.

IMG_0257 I rank Montana right up there with North Carolina in beauty.

IMG_0258 We arrived in Twin Bridges at 7 pm MT. There was no one around the place we were staying.  We set up the camper, went to see the new church we are going to be working on & warmed up some supper. The group from Asheboro 1st Baptist that's leaving tomorrow came in from eating out to have their devotion with David & Sharon.  We joined them and actually saw a few that we know.

We may work tomorrow or go to Virginia City.

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