Wednesday, July 23, 2008


IMG_0472 This is how the ladies in the apartment get their coffee in the morning without going outside.  The kitchen is separated by a temporary wall.IMG_0473 Today I was priviledged to go to the dump with Donna & Andrea.IMG_0475 For Wednesday night services I led the music again and...IMG_0477Billy was the guest speaker.IMG_0478 The new cross for the scantuary.  They took down the sheetrock one.IMG_0479 This is Beverly.  She is a Mountain View Chapel member and very active.  100_2016Beverly lives in a dome house.IMG_0480Billy has been working on the scanuary ceiling everyday since we got here. He wanted me to show a picture of just how big a job this was.IMG_0481 These are Stephanie's kids enjoying the rock pile.  From left to right-Nick, Ty, Cam & Claire.  IMG_0482 A beautiful Montana night sky viewed out my camper window.

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