Sunday, July 20, 2008

I could not tell a lie

IMG_0458 Today we had church services at Dan & Chris Fritts' home in Sheridan.  Here is Chris with her daughter Katie.  Dan is working out of state.IMG_0453 David was the preacher for the day.  When we first got to the Fritts' he asked me if I had ever lead the music.  Well I knew why he was asking but I didn't want to lie so I told him I did do it one time when we were in Oklahoma but I was not good at it.  So he said I had the job.IMG_0454 He picked out two songs from the hymnal and I picked out one.  We also sang three short songs from their praise books.  Everyone told me I did a good job but I think they were probably just being nice.IMG_0456 Afterwards we had lunch...IMG_0457 and fellowship.

We all had naps this afternoon.  Part of the new team from High Point arrived in time for supper and part of them are stuck in an airport somewhere.

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