Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Gateway Arch & Kansas Prairies

IMG_0085This morning we crossed the Mississippi River into St. Louis MO and made a visit to the Gateway Arch including a trip to the top.  We had a bit of a problem finding a park for the RV since the recommended streets for RV parking were flooded.  We finally found a place about a mile away and it started raining.  We waited a minute and then walked in the rain.

IMG_0087 IMG_0090  IMG_0093 East view from the top.

IMG_0094West view from the top.

IMG_0097 That's the flooded street and riverwalk down there. The riverboats were closed due to the flooding.

We found two thrift stores in Columbia, MO but did not find any goodies.

IMG_0101.2My apologies to any Kansas natives out there in blogland but this has got to be the most boring state to drive through.  We are on I-70 and there is nothing to see but miles and miles of prairie or cow pastures and not even very many cows.  I mean it's beautiful but you can only appreciate so many green rolling hills.

IMG_0106 IMG_0107 I told Billy that it looked like the world's largest golf course.

IMG_0102 We did find this interesting monument at one the rest areas.  The stone on the far right reads "In Memory of the Dedicated Employees Who Lost Their Lives Serving the Kansas Department of Transportation and the State of Kansas 1995".

IMG_0111We also saw maybe 100 of these windmills in a 10 mile area.

Tonight we are staying at WallyWorld in Hays, KS, which is probably the first town we've gone past that even was big enough to have one since we left Kansas City 267 miles back.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mom and Daddy! We miss you so much already! Be careful and have fun. We love you and are proud of what you are doing!
Kim and Brandon