Friday, July 18, 2008

Outrigger Island

IMG_0373 The Baptist church and the Methodist church joined together to have Vacation Bible School.  The theme was Outrigger Island.  The ladies from the Washington Church helped.IMG_0363 This is Stephanie, the VBS director, with her daughter Claire.

IMG_0368 This is the 3 & 4 year old group.IMG_0370  1st through 3rd grade IMG_0371 4th through 6 gradesIMG_0365VBS song My God is RealIMG_0374 This afternoon I went by the church to take a picture of what Billy was doing.  The problem is he has been doing the same thing for the past four days.IMG_0380 Tonight for supper we were invited to Stephanie (from VBS) & Dave's house in Sheridan for a cookout.  Dave is a builder and their house is a work in progress.  They are living in it while he is building it and when he is finished they will sell it and they have four children.IMG_0377 This is Loretta & Luther Bailey from Washington, NC.  They are new grandparents and are missing their granddaughter but having fun.  This is their second mission trip.IMG_0378 Some of us ate in the garage and some in the house because it was raining.IMG_0383 On the way back to Twin Bridges we saw hundreds of deer.  That's not deer you see in this picture but cows.  I thought the skyline was interesting.

I did forget to mention that I went with Sharon W. to Sheridan to the grocery store this morning and when we parked they were putting a yard sale sign up across the street.  Did we go to it? Yes.  Did we buy something? Yes.

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