Monday, July 14, 2008

Mountain View Chapel


We are helping to build Mountain View Chapel which is a Southern Baptist Church in Twin Bridges, MT.

IMG_0328 This is their present building which is currently being used to house the men volunteers.

IMG_0326 This is their new building under construction.  They are holding Wednesday evening services here and Sunday morning services at members homes.

I would like to introduce you to some of the volunteers working here this week.IMG_0323 This is Allen.  He has been here two weeks and will be here one more. He is from Asheville and attends Hendersonville FBC. Allen has been on 60 mission trips and has helped build 28 new church buildings.

IMG_0320This is Rod from Casper, WY. He has never mudded sheetrock before. He is half Portuguese & likes teaching Vacation Bible School.

IMG_0329 This is Sharon from Belhaven, NC & Janice from Casper, WY.  I  worked with them in the kitchen today. Janice is Rod's wife.

Billy continued his sheetrock work today.

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