Tuesday, July 29, 2008

South Dakota

IMG_0542 We made it to South Dakota this morning.IMG_0555.2 We visited Mount Rushmore.IMG_0560 After seeing so many signs advertising Wall Drug Store we just had to stop.  It is South Dakota's version of South of the Border, a real tourist trap.  But it did have an interesting start.

The Lure of Ice Water

The late Ted Hustead.
The late Ted Hustead.

Ted was a Nebraska native who moved to Wall and opened a tiny drug store in 1931. Five years later, it was still a tiny drug store. Dorothy, Ted's wife, thought that the travelers driving past their store must be thirsty, and suggested that Ted put up a sign outside of town advertising free ice water at Wall Drug.

Ted thought it was a silly idea, but he was desperate and put up the sign. By the time he got back, thirsty tourists were already lining up for their free ice water. They've been stopping ever since.


IMG_0562 We had our pictures taken ...IMG_0563 with some new friends.IMG_0565 They have a chapel there...IMG_0569 some pretty flowers...IMG_0570 and a large Jackalope.IMG_0573 My motel is across the street.IMG_0574We had a beautiful South Dakota sky heading east and after dark we had a summer storm light show in the distance but never got in it.IMG_0578 We are spending the night in the Cabela's RV parking lot in Mitchell, SD.

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