Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Late Night

I am posting on Saturday morning for Friday because Sharon and I came in very late last night.  I'll explain later.

IMG_0491 This morning I made my daughter Kim's favorite Peanut Butter Delights for lunch. 

IMG_0493 The Abbotts Creek Baptist Church from High Point left after lunch.  I enjoyed getting to know them and was sad to see them leave.   IMG_0496 Since I had the afternoon off from cooking I went over to the church to help Billy.  I washed down walls to get the sheetrock dust off.IMG_0494Billy was painting the sanctuary ceiling.IMG_0500 This is why we came in late last night.  Sharon and I drove to Bozeman to see Casting Crowns in concert.  It was a two hour drive and we did not get back until 1 am.

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