Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Trip to Sheridan

Today I continued my cooking duties and Billy continued with the sheetrock finishing.IMG_0345 This is all the ladies here except for two.


They don't sell diesel in Twin Bridges so I had to go buy fuel for our truck today Sheridan.  Sharon, Sharon W. & Janice went with me.  Of course we had to check out the shops there. That did not take long but we found a thrift shop called the Rerun shop.  The first thing I saw when I walked in was this teapot for only $2.50.   Isn't it cute?

IMG_0348Coming back into Twin Bridges I had to show Sharon W. & Janice the antique/junk shop where I bought my sandwich glass dish yesterday. I purchased the silver pickle fork & he gave me the butter knife which is silver plate.

IMG_0351 For Wednesday night prayer meeting we met in the new church. 

IMG_0353 We had a pretty large group and sat in a big circle.

IMG_0352This is Rex & Lois.  They are from Texas and have been here volunteering since May 17.  They are going back home next Tuesday and will be missed.  Lois is a great cook and seamstress and Rex is a good handyman.  He is responsible for getting us enough power to our camper so that we could run the air conditioning.

IMG_0355These three brothers wanted to sit on the scaffolding during the service.  Their dad made sure they sat still.

I hope that no one thinks just because I get to go shopping often that I'm not working.  I help cook three meals a day and wash a lot of dishes.  I just know how to manage my time wisely.

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