Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Animal Shelter Adventure

Tuesday On Wednesday morning Billy and Trevis were kind enough to let me have some time off to go to the animal shelter. It’s not only people who are being affected by the flood, but animals as well. The NDSU extension office is now being used to house animals that have been dropped off by flood victims.  My friend Debbie and I volunteered there.  We walked dogs and helped clean the cat kennels.  That dog I’m walking in the center picture was a bit hyper.  He wanted to bite on the leash and then he found my shoestring and tried to pull it in two.  It was a fun morning.Wednesday Back to work.  This is what our days are like.  We did 33 loads of  laundry on Tuesday and 61 on Wednesday.Tuesday1

Clockwise from top left:

These are the ladies that fix our lunch and supper plates each day over at North Hills Baptist Church where the Kansas/Nebraska Baptist Men are cooking with help from Arkansas.

The Texas shower team has been so helpful writing bible verses on laundry bags.  I just love them. They’re like family now. 

Home Sweet Home

Trevis must be caught up on the folding. 

Our laundry unit sits a the bottom of this stairway.  I’ve been running up the steps everyday.  It’s not easy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Helping Friends

Saturday was a much easier day even though we still did 41 loads of laundry.  Lloyd, one of our friends friends from Texas was sick on Saturday so I took him and his wife Barbara to the Convenient Care Center to see a Dr.  They said he was dehydrated and wanted to put him in the hospital.  Being he was a stubborn man he refused so they sent in back with us with a prescription and orders to drink lots of fluid.  He was much better on Sunday.


Trevis, Billy and I went to church at North Hills Baptist  on Sunday morning.  This is where the Southern Baptist  kitchen is set up.We had a pretty quiet Sunday afternoon with only 33 loads of laundry.  ARC had a ice cream social and we were invited.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Very Busy Laundry Day

Minot ND

The secret is out.  The ARC found out we were doing laundry.  We washed, dried and folded 63 loads today.  I don’t know when I have ever worked so hard and been to tired.

Thanks to the shower team from Texas for helping us fold laundry and write bible verses on the bags.  They were a big help.  The lady in green is Debbie, a teacher here.  She has been cleaning her room this week and has been so helpful trying to make sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed.

Even though I was tired tonight, after supper I decided to run to the top of the 100 steps in the top picture.  I made it but had to walk a few of them. You can see the laundry unit  at the bottom.

We shut down early tonight because we are under a tornado watch.

Why Not Minot

Tuesday morning we left home with NCBM Laundry #3 towed behind the Childcare truck, stopped at the VA welcome center on I77 and picked up Trevis and headed to Minot, North Dakota.  In two days we drove 31 hours and 1830 miles.   I should clarify that-Billy and Trevis drove and I rode.

In June Minot was flooded by the Souris River, which curls from Canada through north central North Dakota back into Canada.


Wednesday morning after breakfast we set up the unit at Minot City Campus High School.  The school is being used for American Red Cross staff housing.  Texas Baptists have a shower unit at this location also.  We got lots of hugs from happy ARC people when they found out we were going to do their laundry.  We did 22 loads of laundry and took in 13 more to start on tomorrow.

It was a good day and not too hot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finished World Changers and Headed to Minot, ND

My days and nights with World Changers were very busy with little time for blogging so I am very behind.   world Changers Wednesday1

Wednesday was another hot day but the kids and adults managed to get lots of work done. Pictured are the Hammerheads and Goofus Roofers.  Mrs. Allen not only got a new roof but some cleaning and painting on the outside of her house.

World Changers Thursday

Thursday we were blessed with cooler temps and we got closer to the finish line.  Jamie (in pink) stayed on the roof all day because she didn’t like the ladder. 


Friday was the last day of work and a day of saying goodbyes. Many of the teams and home owners got very close. I witnessed this first hand with Mrs. Kern and the Monkey Wrenches.   Mrs. Kern had enjoyed the crew being at her house so much and didn’t want them to leave.  She even insisted that they not use the porta john but come inside to use her bathroom.  New Sandy Creek Baptist Church served their  lunch at the crew chief’s  farm and we had the best corn on the cob I believe I have ever eaten.

Friday night was closing ceremonies with a pumped up crowd and time for more goodbyes.

I enjoyed this week very much and I’m looking forward to doing it again next summer.

Tuesday morning we headed to Minot, ND with a laundry unit.  More on that later.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Hot Send Off Day for World Changers

This week we are working with World Changers in Henderson, NC.  They are being hosted by Rebuilding Hope and are being housed at Crossroads Academy.

We moved into our camper on Sunday to begin preparing for the week.  The students came on Monday and got to meet with their crew chiefs, encouragers and adult leaders.  They also went out to the job sites to meet with the homeowners.  There are 18 different job sites and most of them are roofing jobs.

World Changers Tuesday

Tuesday was the first day of work.  Most of the jobs they are doing are roofs.  The kids are working really hard in this heat (over 100 degrees).   Their day starts with breakfast at 6 am and they leave for work at 7 am.  Lunch on the job sites is being provided by local  churches.  At 4 pm it’s quitting time and back to the school for showers, supper, praise and worship and devotions.

Billy is a supervisor over 4 work sites and I am a runner.  Three of the sites have Norlina addresses and one Henderson. I have to take supplies needed to the work sites. 

Pictured are the Bone Crushers and Brick Bats, two teams put together to work on one site in Norlina.

I drove Steve’s old truck which luckily had good air conditioning.  On the way back to the warehouse from one of my trips I spotted a quilt shop. I decided to stop and check it out.  While I was looking around the shop and talking to Miss Lou, the owner, the truck started smoking.  Billy came and rescued me.  It sure was a good thing I stopped at that quilt shop because later at the repair shop the truck caught on fire.

Please pray for everyone involved in this ministry this week.  Pray for safety, good attitudes, that we all will be a good witness for our Lord and Savior and that through our works others will come to know him.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fort Caswell

Last week I was privileged to be on Oak Island at Fort Caswell for World Mission Week.  NCBM Disaster Relief Temporary Child Care was taking care of  infants, toddlers and preschool children of attendees.  I was in the infant/toddler room and we had 7 children and the preschool had 15.


My Co-workers

Front row: Janice, Sandra, Ann

Middle Row: Ingrid, Teresa, Lowell

Back Row: Marolyn, Larry, Charlene

Fort Caswell 20111

What a fun week caring for these sweet children.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Friday and Saturday


Billy, Jeffrey, Doug and Amy built a ramp for the man that lives next door to the church.  We had a small dedication ceremony which included prayers and singing of Amazing Grace.  Also the first trip down the ramp for Mr. Leon.


Eddie, Iva, Lynn and Toni  finished up some painting  jobs. Dawn and Cayla organized the storage room.  Jeffrey sanded doors. Al and Cory and Doug worked on some electrical jobs.  Cayla, Amy, Dawn and Lynn did some cleaning.


We were packed and ready to leave by 10:30.  Pastor Roger thanked us for all we had accomplished and send us off with a prayer.

I think we had a very good and productive week at a church that is really excited about serving and worshiping God.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thursday Work and Fun

Thursday Work

Thursday was another busy day.  The library books were sorted.  The youth room was painted.  Two nursery doors were turned into dutch doors and painted.  We did some cleaning up.

Thursday Fun

Then Thursday night we had some fun.  Pastor Paul, Amy and Toni went with the church to see an outdoor drama “The Honey Hole.”  The rest of us went over to Mike and Beth Baker’s for some food and fellowship.  Mike served as Youth Minister at Momeyer 1991-1992.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

Dawn, Al, Cayla and Cory joined us just in time for dinner at the Baker’s.