Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Animal Shelter Adventure

Tuesday On Wednesday morning Billy and Trevis were kind enough to let me have some time off to go to the animal shelter. It’s not only people who are being affected by the flood, but animals as well. The NDSU extension office is now being used to house animals that have been dropped off by flood victims.  My friend Debbie and I volunteered there.  We walked dogs and helped clean the cat kennels.  That dog I’m walking in the center picture was a bit hyper.  He wanted to bite on the leash and then he found my shoestring and tried to pull it in two.  It was a fun morning.Wednesday Back to work.  This is what our days are like.  We did 33 loads of  laundry on Tuesday and 61 on Wednesday.Tuesday1

Clockwise from top left:

These are the ladies that fix our lunch and supper plates each day over at North Hills Baptist Church where the Kansas/Nebraska Baptist Men are cooking with help from Arkansas.

The Texas shower team has been so helpful writing bible verses on laundry bags.  I just love them. They’re like family now. 

Home Sweet Home

Trevis must be caught up on the folding. 

Our laundry unit sits a the bottom of this stairway.  I’ve been running up the steps everyday.  It’s not easy.

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