Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Not Minot

Tuesday morning we left home with NCBM Laundry #3 towed behind the Childcare truck, stopped at the VA welcome center on I77 and picked up Trevis and headed to Minot, North Dakota.  In two days we drove 31 hours and 1830 miles.   I should clarify that-Billy and Trevis drove and I rode.

In June Minot was flooded by the Souris River, which curls from Canada through north central North Dakota back into Canada.


Wednesday morning after breakfast we set up the unit at Minot City Campus High School.  The school is being used for American Red Cross staff housing.  Texas Baptists have a shower unit at this location also.  We got lots of hugs from happy ARC people when they found out we were going to do their laundry.  We did 22 loads of laundry and took in 13 more to start on tomorrow.

It was a good day and not too hot.

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