Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finished World Changers and Headed to Minot, ND

My days and nights with World Changers were very busy with little time for blogging so I am very behind.   world Changers Wednesday1

Wednesday was another hot day but the kids and adults managed to get lots of work done. Pictured are the Hammerheads and Goofus Roofers.  Mrs. Allen not only got a new roof but some cleaning and painting on the outside of her house.

World Changers Thursday

Thursday we were blessed with cooler temps and we got closer to the finish line.  Jamie (in pink) stayed on the roof all day because she didn’t like the ladder. 


Friday was the last day of work and a day of saying goodbyes. Many of the teams and home owners got very close. I witnessed this first hand with Mrs. Kern and the Monkey Wrenches.   Mrs. Kern had enjoyed the crew being at her house so much and didn’t want them to leave.  She even insisted that they not use the porta john but come inside to use her bathroom.  New Sandy Creek Baptist Church served their  lunch at the crew chief’s  farm and we had the best corn on the cob I believe I have ever eaten.

Friday night was closing ceremonies with a pumped up crowd and time for more goodbyes.

I enjoyed this week very much and I’m looking forward to doing it again next summer.

Tuesday morning we headed to Minot, ND with a laundry unit.  More on that later.

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