Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Silverton Train Ride

by AnnIMG_1933 Today Billy…IMG_1957 and Ann went for a ride on the Silverton Train.IMG_1942 The train took us from Durango….IMG_1945 along the beautiful and clear…IMG_1946 roaring Animas River…IMG_1947 over bridges…


past waterfalls …IMG_1951 and old silver mines…IMG_1952 to the town of Silverton.  We traveled 50 miles in 3 1/2 hours.IMG_1956 Our first stop was the Shady Lady Saloon a former brothel….IMG_1953 to have  lunch.IMG_1954 We then took a stroll around town…IMG_1955 to shop and find some ice cream.IMG_1967We then boarded the train for our 3 1/2 hour journey back…IMG_1958

past waterfalls..IMG_1962 beautiful mountain scenery…IMG_1963 and glorious river views. 

It was truly a day of marveling at the beauty of God’s creation.

Backyard Bible Club

by AnnIMG_1903 Today I served God by helping with a Backyard Bible Club.  Our bible story was David and Goliath.  IMG_1907 We had 20 kids.  Here they are lining up for snacks. IMG_1912 We played some games.IMG_1914 Pastor Joel led the music.IMG_1915Here I am with my new friend Emma.  She, her three brothers, one sister and her parents are serving here with Carpenter’s Hands from Henderson, NC.IMG_1930Billy worked on the siding of the sanctuary. IMG_1931 Clyde helped.

Tonight Guenther took Billy and I out to eat at the Palace in Durango.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday to South Fork

by AnnIMG_1882 What a wonderful day the Lord has made. We started out with Sunday School. IMG_1884 After morning worship we were served a wonderful lunch of salad and lasagna by the church.IMG_1883This will be the third work week for Carpenter’s Hands.  This is Mike and Beth, their fearless leaders.IMG_1885 Syble and DonIMG_1886 Roy and JuanitaIMG_1888 Carolyn and ClydeIMG_1889 After lunch we traveled over the mountain to South Fork to visit our friends David and Sharon White.  David is the coordinator for the Colorado projects.  They are building an addition onto a church there.  On the way we went past Chimney Rock…IMG_1895 and through Wolf Creek Pass.  This is the view going up the mountain and looking back where we came from.IMG_1897We saw this water fall coming out of the rocks right next to the road.IMG_1898 We were invited to join David, Sharon and the volunteer team for dinner  up this mountain in Willow Park subdivision….IMG_1899 at Ron and Rebecca’s beautiful home.IMG_1900 They had a table in their kitchen that sat 16. Wow!  I loved it.IMG_1901 We had a great meal and good fellowship with the team from David and Sharon’s home church in Lexington.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

San Juan Skyway

by AnnIMG_1859 Since Billy arrived in Bayfield on May 23 he has worked six days a week.  Whenever someone was going sightseeing and they invited him to go along he would say “I’ll wait until Ann gets here.”  So today we went on the San Juan Skyway Loop  and the Million Dollar HighwayIMG_1860 The views were beautiful.  I’m always on the lookout for waterfalls. IMG_1863 Our second stop was at Molas Pass with an elevation of 10,899 feet.IMG_1866 When we drove up we saw some of the Carpenter’s Hands group.  Here is Clyde and Jimmy.IMG_1867 Our next stop was Box Canon Park where the water flows down through a narrow canyon.  You can walk into it and it’s like being in a cavern.  


The water is really rushing through and it is very misty.IMG_1873

When we hiked up the High Bridge Trail.IMG_1874

The view from the top.IMG_1875 Me on the bridge.IMG_1879 We went into town of Ouray for lunch.  We decided to stop at a outdoor taco stand.  Guess who was there?  Carpenter’s Hands.IMG_1880 We had been told you could get a free gondola ride in Telluride so we did that.  IMG_1881 The gondola was the public transportation from the town of Telluride over to the large ski resort, Mountain Village.

The remainder of the loop was uneventful and really sort of boring.  We stopped for dinner back in Durango at Serious Texas Barbecue.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Rainbow Morning

by Ann100_4279Friday morning before we got up we heard some comotion going on outside.  When I looked out the window we saw a herd of sheep going by.  Someone estimated that there was about 1000 of them.100_4274 Here’s one of their shepherds.IMG_1846 “A few minutes late we heard “Look at the rainbow”.   100_4284 If you look closely, you can see that it was a double.  Then for the rest of the morning we got lots of rain. IMG_1848 These ladies in the kitchen…IMG_1858 let me help just a little bit.IMG_1852

Billy spend most of the morning in high places putting in blocker boards.  Then he took me to a couple of thrift stores.  I found three sandwich glass sherbet dishes.IMG_1857 Some of the girls made these cupcakes yesterday.  I thought they were so cute.  They have a mini vanilla wafer face, a marshmallow pillow and body &  jellybean feet. Their blankets are made with a Starburst which was softened in the microwave and rolled out flat.  All hair and facial features are decorator icing.