Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots of Work Going On Tuesday

IMG_1778 The current sanctuary has been cleaned and some of the ladies have began the staining process.IMG_1781 Some of the guys are starting the installation of ice & water shield on the roof. This will dry the roof in so we can work even on rainy days. IMG_1782 Them plumbers keep on drilling holes.IMG_1783 GOD has been so good on this project. He knew we needed a good plumber so he sent us a Colorado licensed plumber so all we have to do is supply him with parts and food.IMG_1780Wives not only support their husbands but also make good plumbers.IMG_1784 The ladies of 1st Baptist / Bayfield decided on the front door design so we were able to finish the framing around the front entrance today.IMG_1785 Who says staining isn't fun? But then anything you do in GOD's name can be  fun.IMG_1786 Reminds me of a state work site - 1 person working and 2 supervisors.

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