Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Rainbow Morning

by Ann100_4279Friday morning before we got up we heard some comotion going on outside.  When I looked out the window we saw a herd of sheep going by.  Someone estimated that there was about 1000 of them.100_4274 Here’s one of their shepherds.IMG_1846 “A few minutes late we heard “Look at the rainbow”.   100_4284 If you look closely, you can see that it was a double.  Then for the rest of the morning we got lots of rain. IMG_1848 These ladies in the kitchen…IMG_1858 let me help just a little bit.IMG_1852

Billy spend most of the morning in high places putting in blocker boards.  Then he took me to a couple of thrift stores.  I found three sandwich glass sherbet dishes.IMG_1857 Some of the girls made these cupcakes yesterday.  I thought they were so cute.  They have a mini vanilla wafer face, a marshmallow pillow and body &  jellybean feet. Their blankets are made with a Starburst which was softened in the microwave and rolled out flat.  All hair and facial features are decorator icing.

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