Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Long Day With the Crane

IMG_1721 Monday started @ 7:30 getting tools out and getting everything ready for the crane.IMG_1723 After the crane arrived and got set Dan & Wiley began sending up decking to be staged on 2nd floor.IMG_1724 During the 1st part of the day I nailed rafter brackets and Guenther handed supplies to Max who worked the east wall.  That’s Billy in the green hard hat.IMG_1725 Isaac & Mark worked the center while Jeremy worked the west wall.IMG_1738 About mid morning a ring like a rainbow formed around the sun. They told me it meant a lot of moisture was present.  All I know is it was beautiful.  So Billy where is the picture?IMG_1739 Rex nailed the rafter brackets on the west wall .IMG_1740 After lunch a director was needed inside the church building for the crane operator to see so I choose to direct and Doug began to nail rafter brackets on east wall.IMG_1741 5:00 has passed but finally the last base rafter is in place .IMG_1742 Isaac continued to install rat bracing .IMG_1743                          The last section was the front end wall and was tight, but hey that's the way Max and Eddie built it. If you notice, Max is working hard to make it go and it did.  Tighter than a glove.IMG_1745 It's 7:30 p.m. base rafters set and secured. Crane packed up. QUITING time finally - 12 hour day and we are all tired and hungry.  I am sure most everybody will hit the bed early tonight.

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