Monday, June 1, 2009

The Walls Go Up

IMG_1657 It's Monday morning and the team is ready to start.IMG_1658 First wall ready to stand  -  UH OH camera battery dead.IMG_1662 Tying walls together.IMG_1665 The outside walls of the front lower half are up so sheeting starts.IMG_1666 Floor joist for 2nd floor arrive.IMG_1667 Interior walls are up and being secured.IMG_1668                                  Sheeting is installed on the lower floor of the front half of building.IMG_1669 Chris's crew left at 4 so we called it quits also. What a great day. GOD has kept us safe, helped us learn and made an impression on many a person. It all results from listening to GOD and working in His time.

Tomorrow's plan is to stand back walls and start on 2nd floor. Remember us in your prayers.

Maybe I will work tomorrow instead of taking pictures.IMG_1670 After we had quit work and finished eating supper Eddie noticed he had a splinter in his arm.  In a matter of moments surgeon Rex assisted by nurse Pace sprung into action and 30 minutes later Eddie was recovering from the removal of a 2 inch splinter and placement of a band aid.

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