Friday, June 19, 2009

Tyvek Time

IMG_1804 Looks like Don & Roy may be have a little difficulty with keeping the Tyvek straight.IMG_1805 Kelsey & the girls finished staining the current sanctuary so now they have started paining the trim boards for the new building.  Hey, I think that’s my job!IMG_1806 Gunther is still cutting God's trees into short pieces for fire stops.IMG_1807 Alex is still working on the duct work. He reminds me of an old friend & employee - he doesn't seam to get in a hurry but it amazes me how much work he gets done.IMG_1808 Finally, they have figured out how to install the Tyvek on the building.  Looking good guys.

As another week draws to an end I am still amazed as to how GOD has led his children to get so much work done. I want to say THANKS to all who have come to work and the ones who wanted to but couldn't, so instead they prayed for us. Please continue to pray that a team will listen to GOD's call and come to Bayfield the week of July 5th to help out.

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