Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to OBX and Getting Ready for Volunteers


Wednesday was the day set for us to travel back to OBX for our new assignment.  We fell in love with these people back in September when we were here after Hurricane Irene and are excited to get to come back.  Billy went to Colerain early Wednesday morning to meet the steel door people about fixing a problem with the safe room doors.  We also needed to pick up the camper there.  When I arrived after lunch I found Billy under the camper because one of the slides would not close.  It took awhile but Billy finally got it closed and we were on our way.


That’s the camper up ahead crossing the Bonner bridge.  At least this trip we did not have to go over by ferry.

We arrived  in Salvo late Wednesday afternoon.  Thanks to David Earley for pulling the Baptist Men tool trailer for us.  We are setting up at the Salvo Fire Department. With the backing of NCBM we will be here through the summer rebuilding flooded homes as well as building new homes to replace some that were or will be torn down. 


This is Tony’s house.  He is trying to do most of the work himself.  He was very receptive to having our volunteers give him a hand.  He has to move his wife and toddler out of their rental by March and will probably move into a small camper until the house is finished.


This trailer is one that we gutted back in September and will be helping to restore.


This house will probably be torn down because it will cost lots more to restore than to build a new one.  An elderly lady, who has lived on the island all her life, and her two daughters live here.


This cute little house is scheduled to be demolished next week after the fire department uses it for a training exercise.  The inside doesn’t look as good as the outside.

Many more here need help and the word is spreading that the Baptists are back to help.  Our prayers are that many of you will come to help.  Housing and meals will be provided.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year


We’ve been home for a couple of weeks.  We enjoyed Christmas in Momeyer and have been to a wedding in Richmond.  Ann is doing tax and office stuff and some clean out and organizing.  Billy has worked on his shop roof and replaced the 1st of several windows at Momeyer Baptist.

We will hopefully be announcing our next adventure soon.  Stay in touch and prepare to travel as we join to serve the LORD.