Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finishing Projects and Preparing to Leave

Teams OBX Rebuild 8.251

  1. Edenton Baptist Church
  2. Alan Harris-Conway and AB Flanagan and Ben Harris-Murfreesboro
  3. Matthews Baptist Church-Our First and Last Team
  4. Trevis Smith-Wilkesboro
Zenovah OBX Rebuild 8.25
On Monday the Edenton Group worked on Zenovah’s roof. They were here just for the day so Ben,  A B,  Preston & Billy finished the roof over the next couple of days between the rain storms. Alan & Ben also replaced the door to her shed.  Zenovah, at 94 years old is the oldest resident on Hatteras Island.
Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.25
The Matthews group spent most of the week working at Jerome’s.  They (with Alan) installed flooring in the bedroom, put underpinning under the home, painted, installed electrical & plumbing and also watched the rain.
Tony and Erin Rebuild 8.25
Tony and Erin have basically completed their home so on Tuesday we went by for the dedication.  All three are happy to have a new home and room to play.  The Matthew’s group was happy to attend especially since they were the first group to work on the house way back in February. They also invited us over on Saturday evening for a thank you social with other friends that helped build the house.
Misc OBX Rebuild 8.25
Ray, Preston & Wayne repaired the end vents on David Midgett’s home.  The local youth from Lifeboat Church were gracious enough to unload the shingles from Zenovah’s into the dumpster.  During the rain Alan, Ben & A B took down the wall that divided the men’s sleeping area and the dining area. Allen worked on straightening up the tool trailer so it could be loaded for departure next week.  The bunk unit pulled out the first of the week.
Elsie's Dedication OBX Rebuild 8.25

Saturday will always be special in my heart.  At 11 am 50 people gathered at Elsie’s to dedicate her home although it is not quite complete.  Many people had words to say and I believe each thanked GOD for all He had done and everybody He sent to help.  They had a special key made and presented it to us.  Jimmy said it was the key to the island but I have yet to find the lock.  But it will always remind me of a special group of folks on Hatteras Island.  Ann presented Elsie with the Bible which many volunteers had signed.  Since Jimmy over saw the building of his mom’s home and he put the locks on the doors he presented her the keys.  Afterwards all were invited to lunch in what was our sleeping and dining hall.  Crazy Johnnie (Conner’s Super Market) prepared the BBQ.
As we continue to pack up and clean up the reality of going home next week grows deeper.  At the same time the love and caring for each other grows deeper between us and the people who choose to live in Salvo, Waves, Rodanthe (Chicamacomico) and Avon.  We will miss seeing each of you but GOD sent us here to share His word and love with you and now he has other plans for us.  However GOD will always be here and travel with us as he watches over and provides all that we NEED.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Three Jobs Complete This Week

Teams OBX Rebuild 8.18

  1. Tim Etheridge and Billy Threatt-Greenville
  2. Don Gallimore-Roxboro
  3. Beulah Baptist-Sunbury
  4. Tar River Baptist Association-Franklin and Nash County

Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.18

Tim, Billy T. & Billy hung the remaining sheetrock at Jerome’s house. Then Don & Billy did the mud work. Linda & Elaine helped Don sand the rock to get it ready to paint.

Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.181

The Tar River ladies and girls finished the sanding and applied the primer coat of paint.

Mike Mildred Yard OBX Rebuild 8.18

Shaun and Dustin finished the eve work at Chief Mike’s.  Tim sprayed the Cutter supplied by Ace Hardware in hopes of getting rid of some mosquitoes.  Billy T. trimmed up the grass around the kitchen area.  Some of the Tar River team did the final painting on Mildred Midgette’s house.  That’s two jobs complete this week.

Lorenzo OBX Rebuild 8.18

Sam with the Tar River team led his group in the building of an access ramp for the Lorenzo’s.  Check another one off as complete.

Zenova OBX Rebuild 8.18

The Beulah group started a shingle & roof repair job for Mrs. Zenova.  On Saturday some of the Tar River group helped Billy get more of the roof done.

Misc. OBX Rebuild 8.18

Yes the girls did take a little time off and enjoy the beach.  Ann was able to spend her beach time with her good friend Melinda and her family at the New Inlet beach.  God provided a great sunset as always.  God also provide some great food that is being prepared by Ann and Linda.

All of our commitments here will soon be completed.  We plan to be leaving the OBX in two weeks to head on to other projects we feel GOD is calling us to.  So if you want to join us one last time on the OBX you better act quick.   Also The dedication for Elsie’s (Jimmy & Jenny) home will be Saturday, August 25 at 11:00 a.m. followed by a BBQ meal.  PLEASE let us know if you can attend.  They want to see each of you and thank you for your service to the people of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo & Avon “AKA THE OBX.”

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Full House-Week Two

Teams OBX Rebuild 8.11

  1. Popular Creek Baptist Church-Henderson, NC
  2. Guest Chef Gaylon Moss-NCBM Disaster Relief Director
  3. Littleton Baptist Church-Littleton, NC
  4. Oakdale Baptist Church-Rocky Mount, NC
  5. Elm Street Baptist Church-Greensboro, NC
  6. Griffin Family-Forest Hills Baptist Church, Wilson, NC
  7. Alan Harris-Conway and Steve Parker-Murfreesboro
  8. Carl Geppart-Vacationer-Granite, MD

Reba J OBX Rebuild 8.11

The Popular Creek group spent the week in Avon working on Reba & Kathy’s homes.  They spent lots of time working on Reba’s house but also lead her in prayer as she asked GOD into her heart.

Reba J 2 OBX Rebuild 8.11

They also cut and cleaned Reba’s yard.  On Monday Carl, who we met in church Sunday, volunteered doing plumbing at Reba’s & Kathy’s.  He was touched by Reba’s issues and asked if he could buy her a washing machine.  When he went home and told the group he was vacationing with about her another couple bought her a stove which was delivered by Manteo Appliance.  Russ installed the kitchen cabinets.  Billy and Alan installed the counter tops and plumbing.  Wednesday at lunch we dedicated her home. 

K Williams OBX Rebuild 8.11

Popular Creek also did lots of finish ups at Kathy’s.  They installed vinyl and painted.  Sid & Betty Anne finished up the caulking and final painting.  We also dedicated Kathy’s home on Wednesday and she was moving back in on Thursday.

M Midgett 2 OBX Rebuild 8.11

The Littleton Baptist group scraped and painted at Mildred Midgett’s.  She is staying with the same colors the home was originally painted.  Mildred has enjoyed all the company especially the youth. They were not able to finish the paint due to rain.

M Midgett OBX Rebuild 8.11

Some of the Oakdale group did lots more painting and yard cleaning at Mildred’s but they also were rained out before finishing.

Mike D OBX Rebuild 8.11

Several of the men and ladies from Oakdale worked on the eve and porch trim at Chief Mike’s.

Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.11

The guys from Elm Street did the rough in plumbing and wiring at Jerome’s.  Some of the Oakdale ladies helped Billy & Alan hang the insulation.  Then on Saturday the Griffin family helped hang most of the sheet rock. 

Misc OBX Rebuild 8.11

Linda went home to take of some issues with her mom so a couple of the Oakdale ladies stepped up and helped Ann in the kitchen.  It has been raining a lot on the OBX for the past three weeks. The ditches are full and yards are flooded along with the roads.  Some of the Littleton group organized the tool trailer since they were rained out on their painting job.

We only have three more weeks to be here working so if you have been thinking about coming to help you still have a chance to get in on what God is doing on the OBX.  Come and join us.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Full House

Fun Day OBX Rebuild 8.4

We had a wonderful day last Sunday.  Started out at Cape Hatteras Baptist with a great service with a surprise baptism. Then our friends Mike and Lynn Anders and their son Rob took us out on their boat to a small island in the inlet between Hatteras and Ocracoke for some fun in the sun, swimming and a Momeyer watermelon. Then we went further out in the sound to do some clamming. When we got back to Salvo our friend Charles Aultman, who we have missed so much, was waiting on the porch for us.  It don't get much better this side of heaven.

Teams OBX Rebuild 8.4

Now on to the work week.  We had a full house this week.  Our largest number of team members at one time. Our teams this week:

  • A.  Alex, a young man from VA gave up a day of his vacation to volunteer.
  • B.  Our daughter Kim and her husband Pastor Brandon with mission team from Calis, OH
  • C.  Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Morganton, NC
  • D.  Carolina Memorial Baptist Church in Thomasville, NC
  • E.  Charles Aultman from Roxboro.  Somehow we never get a picture of him.

Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.4

God was GREAT to Billy this week. Not only did He send the Calais team with Kim & Brandon he also sent many other volunteers with good leadership so Billy was able to hang out work with Kim & Brandon. The Calais team installed windows and framed the interior walls in Jerome’s mobile home.  Many of you may wonder why Billy enjoys working on mobile homes – well it is the industry that he grew up in and the career that God kept him in so we can go and serve God now as we feel led.

Jordan OBX Rebuild 8.4

The Morganton group spent the week in Avon. They sanded & then painted Reba’s interior. Then they laid the flooring and started the trim work.  And yes that is water. It has been raining a lot here over the past few weeks and sometimes the water in the yards and streets seem deeper than the sound.

K Williams OBX Rebuild 8.4

They also group split up for a couple of days and some went to Kathy’s (across street) to install the rest of the base board, padding and strips for the carpet and install flooring in the kitchen.  Bobby came back down from Nags Head and laid the carpet.  Sure wish NCBM had a volunteer carpet person we could call on.

M Midgett OBX Rebuild 8.4

In between the rain  showers some of the Calais group & Thomasville group got a lot of the outside of Mildred Midgett's house painted.  They chose the yellow, white & brown cause it is how daddy painted it when he built it and it has always been that color.

S Meyers OBX Rebuild 8.04

HL carried the Thomasville guys to Steve’s to finish the rails and post on his porch and steps. Charles also helped them.

Elsie   Hooper OBX Rebuild  8.4

Charles and the Thomasville ladies cleaned up around Elsie’s and stacked up the leftover timber.  When the guys finished at Steve’s they moved to Elsie’s and worked on the ramp rails.  Some of the ladies joined Mike & Rob in Mike’s shop to help sand the cabinets he is building for Elsie’s house.

Emergeny Services Appreciation Day OBX 8.4

Thursday was American Heroes Day at the Chicamacomico Life Saving Station.  Some of our volunteers helped Salvo Fire Dept. sell shirts and hotdogs and some of them worked in the museum.  Ann and Linda took a ride in Hatteras Electric bucket truck.  The views were great from the top.  Linda got a great picture (top left) of the Bonner Bridge which is 17 miles away.

Fun OBX Rebuild 8.4

On Tuesday night we celebrated the birthdays of Elsie and Buddy, the fire chief’s mother and father-in-law. The Thomasville group had VBS on Thursday and Friday afternoon and showed the movie Courageous on Friday night.  They built a bond fire on the beach two nights and Ann tagged along.  Marshmallows were roasted and guitars provided the music for some singing. 

If you have followed our blog you may have noticed some things.  Many groups are just men, some are just ladies, some are let’s say senior and some are very young.  Most important is they all came to OBX “Salvo” to serve an awesome GOD.  Many hours of labor have been given to help other people that they may or may not have even met.  They came to serve whomever needed their help.  Thanks to all who have served with us and be assured your presence has made a big difference in the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo & Avon. You have planted the seeds.  Now pray that others will help them grow so GOD can harvest His children.

And yes HE has also made it possible for teams that wished to enjoy some fun time while they were here also.  Hope to see all of you again soon.