Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finishing Projects and Preparing to Leave

Teams OBX Rebuild 8.251

  1. Edenton Baptist Church
  2. Alan Harris-Conway and AB Flanagan and Ben Harris-Murfreesboro
  3. Matthews Baptist Church-Our First and Last Team
  4. Trevis Smith-Wilkesboro
Zenovah OBX Rebuild 8.25
On Monday the Edenton Group worked on Zenovah’s roof. They were here just for the day so Ben,  A B,  Preston & Billy finished the roof over the next couple of days between the rain storms. Alan & Ben also replaced the door to her shed.  Zenovah, at 94 years old is the oldest resident on Hatteras Island.
Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.25
The Matthews group spent most of the week working at Jerome’s.  They (with Alan) installed flooring in the bedroom, put underpinning under the home, painted, installed electrical & plumbing and also watched the rain.
Tony and Erin Rebuild 8.25
Tony and Erin have basically completed their home so on Tuesday we went by for the dedication.  All three are happy to have a new home and room to play.  The Matthew’s group was happy to attend especially since they were the first group to work on the house way back in February. They also invited us over on Saturday evening for a thank you social with other friends that helped build the house.
Misc OBX Rebuild 8.25
Ray, Preston & Wayne repaired the end vents on David Midgett’s home.  The local youth from Lifeboat Church were gracious enough to unload the shingles from Zenovah’s into the dumpster.  During the rain Alan, Ben & A B took down the wall that divided the men’s sleeping area and the dining area. Allen worked on straightening up the tool trailer so it could be loaded for departure next week.  The bunk unit pulled out the first of the week.
Elsie's Dedication OBX Rebuild 8.25

Saturday will always be special in my heart.  At 11 am 50 people gathered at Elsie’s to dedicate her home although it is not quite complete.  Many people had words to say and I believe each thanked GOD for all He had done and everybody He sent to help.  They had a special key made and presented it to us.  Jimmy said it was the key to the island but I have yet to find the lock.  But it will always remind me of a special group of folks on Hatteras Island.  Ann presented Elsie with the Bible which many volunteers had signed.  Since Jimmy over saw the building of his mom’s home and he put the locks on the doors he presented her the keys.  Afterwards all were invited to lunch in what was our sleeping and dining hall.  Crazy Johnnie (Conner’s Super Market) prepared the BBQ.
As we continue to pack up and clean up the reality of going home next week grows deeper.  At the same time the love and caring for each other grows deeper between us and the people who choose to live in Salvo, Waves, Rodanthe (Chicamacomico) and Avon.  We will miss seeing each of you but GOD sent us here to share His word and love with you and now he has other plans for us.  However GOD will always be here and travel with us as he watches over and provides all that we NEED.

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