Sunday, August 19, 2012

Three Jobs Complete This Week

Teams OBX Rebuild 8.18

  1. Tim Etheridge and Billy Threatt-Greenville
  2. Don Gallimore-Roxboro
  3. Beulah Baptist-Sunbury
  4. Tar River Baptist Association-Franklin and Nash County

Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.18

Tim, Billy T. & Billy hung the remaining sheetrock at Jerome’s house. Then Don & Billy did the mud work. Linda & Elaine helped Don sand the rock to get it ready to paint.

Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.181

The Tar River ladies and girls finished the sanding and applied the primer coat of paint.

Mike Mildred Yard OBX Rebuild 8.18

Shaun and Dustin finished the eve work at Chief Mike’s.  Tim sprayed the Cutter supplied by Ace Hardware in hopes of getting rid of some mosquitoes.  Billy T. trimmed up the grass around the kitchen area.  Some of the Tar River team did the final painting on Mildred Midgette’s house.  That’s two jobs complete this week.

Lorenzo OBX Rebuild 8.18

Sam with the Tar River team led his group in the building of an access ramp for the Lorenzo’s.  Check another one off as complete.

Zenova OBX Rebuild 8.18

The Beulah group started a shingle & roof repair job for Mrs. Zenova.  On Saturday some of the Tar River group helped Billy get more of the roof done.

Misc. OBX Rebuild 8.18

Yes the girls did take a little time off and enjoy the beach.  Ann was able to spend her beach time with her good friend Melinda and her family at the New Inlet beach.  God provided a great sunset as always.  God also provide some great food that is being prepared by Ann and Linda.

All of our commitments here will soon be completed.  We plan to be leaving the OBX in two weeks to head on to other projects we feel GOD is calling us to.  So if you want to join us one last time on the OBX you better act quick.   Also The dedication for Elsie’s (Jimmy & Jenny) home will be Saturday, August 25 at 11:00 a.m. followed by a BBQ meal.  PLEASE let us know if you can attend.  They want to see each of you and thank you for your service to the people of Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo & Avon “AKA THE OBX.”

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