Saturday, August 11, 2012

Full House-Week Two

Teams OBX Rebuild 8.11

  1. Popular Creek Baptist Church-Henderson, NC
  2. Guest Chef Gaylon Moss-NCBM Disaster Relief Director
  3. Littleton Baptist Church-Littleton, NC
  4. Oakdale Baptist Church-Rocky Mount, NC
  5. Elm Street Baptist Church-Greensboro, NC
  6. Griffin Family-Forest Hills Baptist Church, Wilson, NC
  7. Alan Harris-Conway and Steve Parker-Murfreesboro
  8. Carl Geppart-Vacationer-Granite, MD

Reba J OBX Rebuild 8.11

The Popular Creek group spent the week in Avon working on Reba & Kathy’s homes.  They spent lots of time working on Reba’s house but also lead her in prayer as she asked GOD into her heart.

Reba J 2 OBX Rebuild 8.11

They also cut and cleaned Reba’s yard.  On Monday Carl, who we met in church Sunday, volunteered doing plumbing at Reba’s & Kathy’s.  He was touched by Reba’s issues and asked if he could buy her a washing machine.  When he went home and told the group he was vacationing with about her another couple bought her a stove which was delivered by Manteo Appliance.  Russ installed the kitchen cabinets.  Billy and Alan installed the counter tops and plumbing.  Wednesday at lunch we dedicated her home. 

K Williams OBX Rebuild 8.11

Popular Creek also did lots of finish ups at Kathy’s.  They installed vinyl and painted.  Sid & Betty Anne finished up the caulking and final painting.  We also dedicated Kathy’s home on Wednesday and she was moving back in on Thursday.

M Midgett 2 OBX Rebuild 8.11

The Littleton Baptist group scraped and painted at Mildred Midgett’s.  She is staying with the same colors the home was originally painted.  Mildred has enjoyed all the company especially the youth. They were not able to finish the paint due to rain.

M Midgett OBX Rebuild 8.11

Some of the Oakdale group did lots more painting and yard cleaning at Mildred’s but they also were rained out before finishing.

Mike D OBX Rebuild 8.11

Several of the men and ladies from Oakdale worked on the eve and porch trim at Chief Mike’s.

Jerome OBX Rebuild 8.11

The guys from Elm Street did the rough in plumbing and wiring at Jerome’s.  Some of the Oakdale ladies helped Billy & Alan hang the insulation.  Then on Saturday the Griffin family helped hang most of the sheet rock. 

Misc OBX Rebuild 8.11

Linda went home to take of some issues with her mom so a couple of the Oakdale ladies stepped up and helped Ann in the kitchen.  It has been raining a lot on the OBX for the past three weeks. The ditches are full and yards are flooded along with the roads.  Some of the Littleton group organized the tool trailer since they were rained out on their painting job.

We only have three more weeks to be here working so if you have been thinking about coming to help you still have a chance to get in on what God is doing on the OBX.  Come and join us.

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