Sunday, September 25, 2016

Carolina Rebuild September 18-24, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 9.24.2016     Our volunteers this week: 1-Region 2 Feeding Team (Janet, Andy & Rita); 2-Green River Baptist Assoc. Rutherfordton; 3-Welcome our newest staff member Patches who watches over the beverage table; 4-Biltmore Baptist; 5-Flat Rock Baptist, Hamptonville.Mission Trip Adventures 9.24     Teams worked on various projects this past week.  They kept David and I on the move so we did not get many pictures.  However lots of work on homes and souls was done.  Three homes received new floors and covering along with ceiling replacements. A set of steps was built along with under skirting a mobile home.  Lots of painting done.  Molding installed, doors hung, plumbing completed, electric and other stuff on two home which are all but ready for the families to return home.  As I write this and think back on how much was done this past week it is obvious why we didn’t get many pictures and that GOD was definitely present.

SCBC has agreed to hire a local Christian contractor to help get shingles installed on the many roofs that have been leaking or have tarps on them for the past 11 months.  This will help get homes dried in so teams can concentrate on the inside work.  But we still need help doing roofs and now the inside work amounts increase so let us know when your team will be coming to South Carolina to help rebuild homes and share the gospel.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Carolina Rebuild September 4-17, 2016

9.10     Week of September 4-10: We took some time to go home but Billy was missing Johnsonville so much that he came back early. While David and Billy were waiting on teams to arrive they did some prep work at Mrs. Rosa’s.  William, who lives there also, pitched in to help as we laid floor decking.   Shiloh Baptist, Garner arrived on Thursday night to work Friday and Saturday. They were a large team so they split up and worked on multiple homes and projects. They did trim work, sprayed ceilings, reinstalled doors and stained trim.Mission Trip Adventures 9.17.2016     Week of September 11-17: 1-Region 3 Feeding Team, BJ, RW, Nancy & Debra; 2-Shoup's Grove BC, Icard with David Fuss, Meena Evans, & Doug Estep; 3-We had a bit of rain this week; 4-Friday night lights in Johnsonville; 5-New Hope Baptist, Monroe and Fairfield Community Baptist, Marshville with Paul Langston.Recovered Autosave     The Shoup's Grove team laid flooring, did lots of trim work, painted and plumbed.  God knew we needed a few guys who understood mobile homes and they were a big help.  New Hope and Fairfield came together and then split up to install 2 metal roofs.  The mobile home roof was a basic install but the older house had lots of repair before they could install the roof.  Both roofs are complete and look great. 

Progress on repairing homes continue at a good pace.  Best of all the teams have been able to share the gospel with lots of the home owners.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Carolina Rebuild August 28-September 3, 2016

Mission Trip Adventures 9.03.2016     The SC Campers On Mission were with us for another week.  The guys heard about a family on our list that needed a new roof so they choose to replace the roof.  A B and Ruth Ann came to do feeding and brought Chevy.  As normal they worked on a site in the mornings.  They helped hang insulation, sheet rock and paneling.  William jumped in to help also.  At the Wednesday night service they needed a piano player so Ruth Anne stepped up. We all headed out early due to Hurricane Hermine was on the way. 

We don’t have any volunteers until next Saturday so we will be in Momeyer for the week.  I know it’s that time of the year when volunteer turn out is low BUT NCBM still has 94 job requests waiting and 45 of them include roof repair and tarping.  These 45 homes could use roofing teams before the next storm comes ashore.