Sunday, September 2, 2012

Leaving OBX


Over the many years of working in business and civic groups I have received several plaques but none ever touched me as this one did.  It gave us great pleasure to serve the LORD in the OBX area.   We were presented a plaque from the Civic Association for the NCBM.  Many of the people present spoke during the service and first of all each thanked GOD for sending them the help they needed.


On Sunday after services at Cape Hatteras Baptist Church we were invited to lunch followed by an afternoon at the point – Cape Hatteras Diamond Shoals.  With storms in the Atlantic the water was rough which drew the fishermen.  We did walk along the tides and got our feet wet for one last beach visit on the OBX for this year.


Trevis came down on Friday night so he could help us pack up and so he could join the dedication at Elsie’s on Sat. Trevis was one of the first ones working here after the hurricane and one of the last to work here for the rebuild.  Thank you for your willingness to serve Him.

If you notice the wall behind them it looks old because it is.  Jimmy had foresight enough to save several flooring boards and a bedroom door from the original house before it was torn down.  This wall & an exposed beam in the living room represents the original house. 


Special thanks to Linda Skinner, Ann’s right hand in the kitchen.  You were truly a Godsend.  Thanks for always being willing to do whatever was needed.

Little did we know when Linda joined us in Rodanthe last September to do laundry & whatever that we would become such great friends. Thank you GOD for sending Linda to help us as we have served you this past year.


Well just over 7 months ago you saw a picture of Billy pulling our camper across the Bonner bridge going in the other direction.  Then we were headed to Salvo to set up the NCBM OBX Rebuild operation.  We knew this would be a successful project due we felt the LORD was with us and calling us to go to the OBX and serve.  We also had the backing of a great group of men & women “ North Carolina Baptist Men “.  Thanks to each one of the over 500 volunteers that came to help. We have almost spent a year in the area working.  We saw it when the destruction was just starting to be cleaned up and now we are leaving after working on 30 different homes and trying to share the word of GOD whenever possible.  The people of Salvo, Waves & Rodanthe made a few requests as we left – come back again to visit  - pray for a new church plant  - when the next storm hits PLEASE come back and bring the North Carolina Baptist Men.


I want to say a special THANK YOU to GOD who brought Ann & I together 30 years ago. As the book teaches He has a plan for each of us from the beginning if we will take time to stop & listen to Him. God has allowed us to do things that I have asked for forgiveness for and he has forgiven us and sent His Son Jesus to save us. Therefore we feel we need to serve Him whenever He calls and where ever He sends us.  Please continue to pray for us that we will hear, understand and follow HIS call as HE speaks to us. We will also be praying that as we follow GOD’s calling each of you will join us as He calls you. Thank you GOD for a special wife who believes in you and follows your calling with me. 


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