Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Beginning of the Second Floor

IMG_1671 Chris has asked for a meeting before we start so he can discuss what will be going on during the day. I have closed each meeting with prayer and his crew has joined in. We can feel GOD working through us to touch each man. IMG_1676 Today we started by putting the 2 side walls in the sanctuary together.IMG_1680 and putting in 2nd floor floor joist.

The walls in the sanctuary are tall and take several men and one GOD to stand them.IMG_1682 After lunch some of the guys started decking the 2nd floor.IMG_1683 Take a look at that sky.  We thought our afternoon break was arriving.  But as usual we guessed about what GOD was up to and he showed us it was not time to quit yet.  It amazes me that until we arrived 1 and 1/2 weeks ago this was a muddy place. Since then GOD has send most of the rain around us and allowed us to work just as we have prayed for. IMG_1686 Several of the guys have moved the stud beams to the rear so we can put the back wall together tomorrow.  Looks like Ronnie and Eddie to me.IMG_1687 Tools do break down and as usual it takes two  men to repair it - 1 to hold and 1 to operate on the tool.

I know GOD is on this site.  He has made awesome progress.  At the end of today He had the 2nd floor decked and ready to start building 2nd floor walls tomorrow. He also has the 2 rear side walls up and secure along with most of the rear wall laid out.

Then without a dought he was beside me this morning. I was using an air gun to install window headers when I allowed gun to bump the edge of the timber and shoot a 2nd time. I felt the nail hit the side of my hand and I laid  the gun down and reached to pull the nail out.  That is when I knew GOD was with me cause the nail was not there.  It did puncture the skin and the area is sore but there was no hospital visit as I was expecting.  Continue to pray that GOD will stay around me and all the others and keep us safe.

And yes I will try to be more careful because  I believe that was His message to me today.

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