Saturday, June 6, 2009

End of the the Week

IMG_1693                     Today we are trying to clean up some, and remove some temporary bracing and work on end walls.IMG_1694 One more section to go and rear wall will be up.IMG_1696 Get ready.IMG_1700 Chris laid out the stairs this afternoon and Steve, Ronnie &  I cut them out.  I think Ronnie was getting tired.  He has been lifting walls, removing braces and cleaning up all day.IMG_1702 Thursday quitting time.  What a big difference - last week we removed mud, filled in and then on Fri. concrete was poured.  Six days later most of the walls are up.  How great it is to see what GOD can do with a few.  Have you ever wondered how great this world would be if we all worked this hard to promote His word everyday. IMG_1703 During work Thursday Chris asked us to come visit him & his family that night.  They have a very nice home out in the country near the airport. IMG_1709 The view is worth a million bucks.  And the sunset is “awesome” as Chris would say.  I know you will see and read this Chris "THANKS".IMG_1710 Just before lunch on Friday the roof rafters arrived.  This is a full load of rafters delivered right on time.IMG_1712 However when unloading they got way too close to the building. The brakes on the trailer malfunctioned and when the rafters hit the ground they slid into the building.  Max & I worked on the removal and repairs for about an hour. I guess it was GOD's way of saying I am in charge here and if I wanted to the load would have hit a little higher up or a little further east and the structure would have been seriously damaged.  But no, he allowed the damage that happened and kept us safe while sending a message.IMG_1715 It's Friday afternoon and time to call it quits. Everybody gathered to say good bye. I sit here tonight writing and wonder who meant the most to who this week.  The Cool Spring & Momeyer volunteers, the framing crew, the FBC - Bayfield volunteers, church members or Rex & Lois.  All I know is everybody left safe & happy under GOD's guidance.IMG_1717 What a difference a week can make when we allow GOD to use us. Walls framed and sheeted.

Thank you GOD for bringing this group together for the week of May 29 through June 5 to serve you and work on your house and kingdom.

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