Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday School & Monday Work

IMG_1810 On Sunday we had around 50 people in the class. I am glad Dave is flexible.  This class & church is very prayer motivated and care about the needs of people.  I miss Momeyer Baptist and look forward to returning home in August but it will be hard to say goodbye to First Baptist of Bayfield.  I pray GOD will help me be a better person when I go home.IMG_1811 A group has started the siding on the rear of the church.IMG_1812

The balcony beam has arrived and it is big and heavy (3,400 lbs).IMG_1817 All we need is an inch of clearance to get the lift inside.IMG_1819 Ever since I met Don I have heard he enjoys equipment and is good at it so guess who gets to drive the lift.IMG_1820 The massive beam is in place with any problems.IMG_1821 Lots of young guys and girls this week.  They are eager to learn and more than willing to help.  Thank you GOD for young blooded CHRISTIANS.IMG_1823 The girls are done with UPWARD's for today so they have gone up into the rafters to paint sealant on the ductwork.  I’m glad that’s not my job.IMG_1824 Don thinks this duct fixture might fall so he's going to hold it.IMG_1825 Lots of wire was pulled and fixtures hung today .IMG_1826 The work day is over and our youth are  joining the First Baptist youth for a night of putt-putt.IMG_1827 Each night we have devotion and sharing time.  A report was given on the Upward basketball/cheerleading camp.  Joel the youth/children minister thought maybe 20 to 30 children would show up.  They had 70 on the first day.  How great is GOD’s power. It is obvious that lots of these children do not know GOD and they are eager to listen and learn.  It was also noted that many of the parents had stayed around to see what was happening which gives us another witnessing opportunity.

Please pray that the leaders can continue to plants seeds in Bayfield as Upward and backyard bible studies continue.  Also please pray for GOD to keep his hands of safety around the construction workers.  Most of all we pray that we are following GOD's guidance here and that everything we do and the way we act is to His glory.

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