Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Week Ago in Minot

TervisWe have been home from Minot for over a week and I am finally getting to our final pictures for this mission.  I don’t know if I get too busy or too tired at the end.

On Thursday morning we were told we would be moving the laundry unit to the new city shelter sometime that day.  We decided to stop accepting loads after 42 and finished them all before we moved.

Pictures from top left: Ann waiting on one of the last loads. Three heads are better than one. Billy wondering where to put more bags.  Lots of people brought their clothes in Tide bags.   Billy telling the power company people where we were moving.minot friday Billy had to retrieve fingernail clippers from a dryer. Our replacement team came in just in time to help us move and setup in our new location at the Cameron Indoor Tennis Center.  This was a victim shelter run by the city.  It was quite interesting watching this group put the tent up.

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