Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Team is Beginning to Leave

IMG_0330This is David & Sharon White.  They are the coordinators for the Twin Bridges Project.  David takes care of overseeing the project and Sharon is the chief cook and bottle washer.  Sharon and I have become "partners in crime" when it comes to our little shopping adventures.IMG_0399This is Sharon with Shirley Whisenant & Loretta Bailey.  Shirley, Loretta and her husband Luther departed after lunch today. They are from Washington, NC.  Both of these ladies love to have fun.IMG_0400 Also leaving today was Roger & Sharon Brinn from Belhaven, NC. I got to know Sharon this week working in the kitchen and she likes to shop too.IMG_0406 After lunch today most of us still here went on a field trip to Bolder Lakes.  Once we got to the base of the mountain and started the climb it took about 50 minutes to travel 4 miles.  It was the bumpiest and rockiest path I have ever been on.  But when we finally got there the sight was beautiful to behold as you can see in the picture of Clifton & Gayle Champion from Creedmore, NC.IMG_0415Going across this log was a little tricky for me and I was happy for the helping hands.IMG_0416 Some of God's magnificent handiwork.

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Anonymous said...

You and Billy are definitely part of God's magnificent handiwork!