Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free Food Day

IMG_0711 Today was the food & clothes giveaway.  Lynn, Dawn, Erica, Brenda & I helped Shelby sort all of the food by type and then packed boxes to give away.IMG_0442 Brenda & I opened up pound bags of coffee and made 1/2 pounds bags in Ziploc bags.

IMG_0444Later Katrina, the director of the Hope Center, sent Brenda, Iva & Me out to deliver some boxes.  We went to a neighborhood and went door to door looking for people that needed and would accept the food.  We met some interesting people.IMG_0438 Ronnie, Al, Pastor Paul, Stephen, Cory, Valarie & Cayla went to the cemetery and did some grass cutting.IMG_0437 Pastor Paul doing ???IMG_0439 Stephen doing his part.IMG_0446 Eddie finished his wall today.IMG_0712 Billy made a great improvement in the shower room, with a sink, mirror and shelf.DSCI0228 This is a real caboose in the park.  It had a bunch of trash in it.DSCI0223 This group of ladies plus Pastor Paul cleaned it out.DSCI0232 Lynn said it was a very nasty job.IMG_0690 We were finally able to meet with the lady that owns this house.  She had had a contractor to start work on it and he left town with her money.  She needed a lot of yard work and some repairs.

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