Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Week With Westwood Baptist

Mission Trip Adventures 6.7  Our only team this week was Westwood Baptist from Cary but they worked really hard and accomplished a lot.  We did not have a feeding team so Ann did most of the cooking and Vicki did the cleaning, including washing the dishes that Ann messed up.  Tim cooked his famous sourdough pancakes one morning.  The monetary donations continue to be awarded.  The Tom’s River Lions Club invited us to dinner and made a large donation to NC Missions on Wednesday to be used to buy additional materials for homes we choose to work on.  All I know to say is THANK YOU LORD and send more volunteers to use this money while we share His gospel. Pam brought us a special fire hat to wear during fire watch.  If you don’t know how to grow a garden in a parking lot I challenge you to come to Seaside Heights so Tim can show you how.  And yes we enjoyed and celebrated National Donut Day all week. Jersey Shore-June 2014  The work continues at John Tool’s home.  The team laid flooring, painted and installed the sink drain.  John seams to be spending more time with each team.Recently Updated  Part of the team worked on Rick’s (top 6 photos) and Nick’s (bottom 6 photos) homes. Rick’s front window was rotten and got damaged badly during the storm so Billy and Tim took out the rotten wood and replaced the window. Nick, Rick and Vicki helped out. Anthony helped Rick with his plumbing.  On Nick’s home the lower 4 feet of siding was torn off by Sandy which left the paper board exposed and moldy.  So the team is removing the old material and replacing it with new in preparation for the new siding coming soon.

Rick, Nick and Anthony’s homes are all with-in a block of each other and before Sandy left so much damage which also brought the NC Baptists they did not know each other.  But now not only do they know each other they are also helping each others along side of the Baptists.  What a witness tool.  FYI – this block is also next to Grace Evangelical where teams are staying so several volunteers will walk back and forth. Vicki did this Saturday and she stated that people at 3 different homes said “Thank you for the help you have brought to our area”.Mission Trip Adventures 6.71  Volunteers moved around a lot this week as it seamed help was needed in a special way on different days at different sites.  They painted at Anthony’s, did yard work, hung sheet rock and posed as DOT workers.

Speaking of DOT the roads are getting better around the area. Still lots of construction going on but the best part is we now have two lanes each way to enter or exit the shore area.  So PLEASE call and make your (or your team) reservations to come to Seaside Heights this year to enjoy the fun of sharing the Gospel while rebuilding homes and lives. 

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