Sunday, August 24, 2014

Praying for Volunteers

Mission Trip Advendures 8.231   We have spent a lot of time this week on our knees and reaching up.  After several hours of laying tile, filling grout, sanding and painting ceilings I know I was praying that GOD would send us the volunteers we need to do his work in New Jersey. Then HE shows me Paul, Chris and Charlie along with homeowners who we are able to spend more one on one time with.

Sue is a home owner who Charlie has been helping rebuild and now NCBM has been able to help them hang insulation, hang and finish sheet rock and this week started painting. We are still doing some of the final work at Rick’s house.  We got all the tile installed this week.  Nick and Mary’s house is also close to finish.

The Beachplum Quilters of the Jersey Shore presented us a quilt.  It was to thank us for our help rebuilding the Shore.  They also have presented them to many of the home owners that lost so much in the storm.  Ann is also a quilter so this is dear to her heart.

As of today we now have three new sets of building permits and praying for Barbara’s to be ready next week.  At present that puts us in 12 different homes with the opportunity to share the gospel as GOD leads us.  However, we are very short on volunteers.  Please join us in prayer for volunteers to come to Jersey to help rebuild as GOD has planned.

Ann like to walk on the boardwalk after supper and saw this juggling act one night.

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