Sunday, September 7, 2014

In His Time

Mission Trip Adventures 9.6   We didn’t have any volunteers last week so Ann skipped the blog.  However Tim, Vickie, Ann and Billy did work all week.  This week we have gotten all rough ins done and now waiting on insulation inspection so we can hang rock at Paul’s.  A lot of that insulation was installed by a local volunteer couple.  A team of four from Central Assembly of God, Canonsburg, PA came in to work Friday and Saturday.  One of the men did a little heat duct and plumbing work while the others built a set of steps for Bob so he could quit climbing the ladder to get to his attic area.  We had been donated some materials I didn’t see us using in New Jersey so Rudy and Robin came up with trailer to haul it back to Elizabeth City.

Again this coming week we have no volunteers. Tim and Vickie will be watching the site and working on homes while Ann and Billy have gone home for the week.  At present time we have 4 homes to help with major rebuild, 3 minor jobs to finish and 1 home to build from scratch when Barbara gets her permits.  But the sad news is we only have a few volunteers signed up to come and help through next spring.  I know the LORD has the volunteers we need planned but my fear is some of them are not listening.  I know He has a way of working all things out in His time and we must wait.  We look forward to seeing each of you soon.

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