Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good to Have Returning Volunteers

Mission Trip Adventures 9.28  Our volunteers this week:  1-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville, NC (A team from this church comes every other month.); 2-Grace Haven Baptist Fellowship, Wake Forest, NC (Their second trip); 3-Robin from Biltmore helping Ann make fall decorations to brighten our dining tables; 4-Region 6 Feeding Team-Marlene, Tom and Sharon (Sunni)-They came up on short notice and were great to work with; 5-Matthews Baptist Church-Matthews, NC (This group of men have made several trips here.)Mission Trip Adventures 9.28.14 p2  The Grace Haven group took on several different task this week.  They finished up a set of stairs for Bob who can now enter the upper part of his home without the need for an extension ladder.  They went to Rick’s to do final touch ups and clean up.  Then they went to Michelle’s to finish hanging the sheet rock.  Their final job was also hanging sheet rock at Richard’s.Mission Trip Adventures 9.28.14 p  The Matthews group went to June’s and decided to stay there all week.  They replaced 2 windows, laid flooring, installed cabinets, laid tile in bathroom and then installed fixtures, laid carpet, installed doors and trim work.  Mission Trip Adventures 9.28.14 p1  The Biltmore team as normal is large so they split up.  The ladies helped the Mathews group by painting Junes house and trim.  Most of the guys spent the week at David and Moe’s house.  Most of the week was spent on removing what was left of the old torn up siding and replacing it with new siding.  They also installed two new doors, built steps, repaired walls, built knee walls and reframed 3 ceiling areas.  The ladies did join the men a couple of days.  They removed screws and nails left in the walls and ceilings during tear out and then did a great job cleaning up the site.

It was great to have three teams return for yet another called mission trip to New Jersey.  They all worked hard and made a big difference in the homes we are working.  The best part of the week was the time that was spent sharing why we are here with the home owners, neighbors and others.  One thing I heard several times this week and will never grow tired of hearing is “FOR THE GLORY OF GOD “

Our volunteer numbers are very low at this time and GOD is providing us with great weather.  So I ask you to think about what for now is my favorite saying – “What are you doing for GOD?”  Hoping and praying to see each of you and many more soon.

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