Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lots of Sheetrock Hanging Going On

Mission Trip Adventures 9.20  Our volunteers:1-Johnnie and Vivian from Norman Park, GA; 2-First Baptist Asheboro (Charles, Tami, Mike, Ernest, Nelson & Dennis); 3-Dennis and Nelson catching a nap after lunch; 4-Happy Birthday Vivian; 5-Happy Birthday Nelson.Collages  We had two small teams this week but that didn’t stop them from getting a lot accomplished.  First Baptist Asheboro finished hanging the sheet rock at Paul’s, then hung insulation in another home.  After that they hung insulation at Michelle’s and almost got all the sheet rock hung. They would have probably finished but as you see Nelson had a birthday and became an old man.  I think that extra age got to him.  Johnny and Vivian helped work out some issues at Jayne’s and then helped finish a a/c platform for Chris.  After that they helped First Baptist hang sheet rock.  Ann went to the dedication for the towns entrance carousel horse.

The summer heat has left the area so we are having great working weather.  Great time to come to New Jersey.  Give us a call.

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