Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nick and Rick Get New Flooring

Mission Trip Adventures 8.2   This week we had two teams from eastern North Carolina.   The largest team (top left) was First Baptist, Dunn.  The other team (top right) was from different churches in the Eastern Baptist Associations. Tim got three of the young ladies to help him give the tool trailer a much needed cleaning and reorganization. Tim and Billy started installing cabinets in Rick’s home. The feeding team was from Region 4 and they were assisted by two of the ladies from EBA.Mission Trip Adventures 8.21   The Eastern Baptist group almost finished up John & Claire’s home in Long Branch. They also helped pack up a house so it could be torn down.  The Dunn group split up three ways. One group did painting and then laid flooring at Nick and Mary’s.  Another group laid flooring, installed doors and molding at Rick and Jerri’s (Rick’s mom). The third group did a lot of clean up – church area, five yards and under the boardwalk (which they just loved-NOT).

As of now this is the last of the big groups on the calendar to come to New Jersey to help share the gospel and rebuild homes.  We do have a few small teams signed up but the amount of work needing to be done is way bigger than the amount of volunteers that have signed up to serve in New Jersey in the coming months.  Plans are for us to be here until summer 2015 so PLEASE pray and make plans for several trips to help.  This is your chance to help rebuild homes and lives.

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