Saturday, December 6, 2014

Volunteers Still Needed

12.6     Paul helped Ed and Josh finish hanging the sheet rock at the Gross house on Monday. 1-Tim and Chris have been busy this week mudding the sheet rock with hopes of painting by end of next week.  3 & 4-Josh and Ed worked on finishing the porch rails and vinyl on the front of the house.  6-The mason contractor poured the slab floor for Barbara’s house before Thanksgiving.  5-This week they have been busy finishing the walls.  7-Josh and Ed also went to Ed’s for a day and did siding on two sides of his home.

With the Christmas season upon us we need to remember the reason, The CHRIST CHILD.  Two of the many teachings he brought to this world was to love your neighbor and to go to all nations and make disciples. We are very happy that GOD called us to serve in New Jersey.  With the help of many volunteers, we have seen people touched by the love total strangers have brought to this area.  Please pray with us that we reach many people and complete every task GOD has laid before us over the next year.  This task means we need help so also please pray and consider coming to New Jersey to serve GOD. 

Depending on inspections of Barbara’s foundation we hope to be ready to start framing when we return from CHRISTMAS in North Carolina with our family. It would be a blessing to hear from a framing team who wants to do this project.

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Anonymous said...

Bless you all with NC Baptist Church for still being here to help us at the Jersey Shore.
Merry Christmas!